Demo tester za 442/1 Hypo, kliješta za seger i moment ključ


Atributi proizvoda

  • Demo tester can be ordered under code 623751 and article DEMO1. On the tester are different diameters on which we can show self-adjustment of Hypo pliers which adapt to any diameter. On the tester are equipped two lock rings to show the use of internal and external lock ring pliers (dim.180). On the tester is also a nut dim. 13mm to test the torque wrench. It displays the application and setting of a torque wrench to 5kg - 50Nm. On the tester is also a chorme plated nut to show PYTHON waterpump pliers with parallel jaws. These pliers have in all position parallel jaw and they not damaged the nut.
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* Slike proizvoda su simbolične. Sve dimenzije su u mm, masa je u g.
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