Product features

  • Materiali: çeliku të veçantë mjet
  • rënie të falsifikuara
  • Fytyrat me grevat e Induksioni thekur


  • non-removable riveted metal ring
  • tool weight is marked on each tool
  • the rings on the tools are large enough to accept 2 carabiners
  • Unior’s tools for working at heights have been designed to preserve the tools’ basic functions, ergonomics and utility, or to reduce them to the smallest possible extent.
  • Ergonomic rubber grip handle absorbs shock & vibration.
  • Special bonding process ensures that the head never comes loose from the handle.
  • Reinforced handle with 4 spring steel bars running all the way through the handle. Bars locked into the hammer head ensure that the head never becomes dislodged.
kodHammer weightThicknessLenghtpeshë-- prazen stolpec --
* Imazhet e produkteve janë simbolike. Të gjitha dimensionet janë në mm, pesha në gram.Të gjitha dimensionet e listuara mund të ndryshojnë në tolerancë.

Përdorim (pictures)

The carabiner on the lanyard is attached to the ring on the tool. The rings on the tools are large enough to accept 2 carabiners.

The carabiner on the lanyard has to be protected against opening using a lock ring.

Before removing the tool from the belt, unscrew the lock ring on the carabiner on the belt.

Open the carabiner on the belt and remove the tool, which is attached to a lanyard, from the carabiner on the belt. The tool is now ready for use.

Correct attachment of the tool to the lanyard. Return the tool to the belt following the steps in reverse order.

Using the socket remover (Article 1111) depress the pin in the hole while removing the socket from the square drive of the ratchet and then switch the socket or extension.

Safety tips

  • Always change tools in secure areas where there is no risk of falling tools.
  • Always use tools with Unior carabiners and never use carabiners with a diameter less than 6mm.
  • Tools being used at height should regularly be checked for damage and that there is no damage to lanyards, carabiners, attachment rings or belts.
  • Don't use tools without attaching them to your work belt when working at height.
  • Don't use and fix damaged tools.
  • Don't exceed maximum weight of 2.3kg for individual tools that a worker can attach to their belt.

Safety (pictures)

User must be trained to perform work at heights pursuant to the national legislation.

User must use the prescribed personal protective equipment.

Working range at heights is the radius of two metres from the point of attachment on the user. No other person or equipment is permitted within that range due to the possibility of damage caused by a falling tool.

Please check the tools regularly and always before each use.

After any fall of a tool, check the rope and the tool. If necessary, replace the tool and/or rope.

The maximum weight of each tool defined by Unior as safe tool for work at heights attached to a work belt amounts to 2.3kg.

The total weight of tools that can be attached to a user's work belt should not exceed 10% of the user's weight.

Attachment ropes should not be shortened, reworked etc. If a rope is damaged or destroyed, do not use the tools.

During work, do not unfasten or detach tools from yourself.

When changing (switching) tools, it is recommended to observe the procedure of replacement described in the Unior d.d. catalogue (tools are attached throughout the replacement with one carabiner or the replacement is made at a so-called safe place).

Do not drop or throw tools deliberately, since this may result in a spring effect and unforeseen consequences.

Tools on a rope should not be wound, since that may lead to unforeseen consequences.

User selects Unior attachment elements depending on the purpose of use and with respect to the weight of tools (tool weight is indicated on a tool).

Tracking manufacture code and final control code are indicated on each tool.

Questions & Answers

  • Can we use a tool for working at height as a normal tool?
    A tool for working at height has the same usability as a normal tool, except that a non-removable riveted metal buckle is added to this tool.
  • Does the stated weight per tool for safe work at height also include the weight of the metal ring?
    The weight of the tool marked on the tool, included also weight of metal ring

    Puna në lartësi përfshin nivele të larta rreziku, kështu që asgjë nuk mund t'i lihet rastësisë. Unior – sinonim i veglave të dorës me cilësi të lartë, paraqet një linjë veglash të përshtatura posaçërisht për të punuar në lartësi për të shmangur rëniet e rrezikshme.

    Mjetet për të punuar në lartësi janë vegla standarde të pajisura me pika ngjitjeje. mjetet e siguruara rrisin ndjeshëm sigurinë në punë.
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    Veglat e Unior për të punuar në lartësi janë krijuar për të ruajtur funksionet bazë, ergonominë dhe dobinë e veglave, ose për t'i zvogëluar ato në masën më të vogël të mundshme.