»Simple, easy, fresh and modern«

Increasingly fast-growing markets have inspired Unior Hand Tools to keep on constantly developing new products and introducing many innovations to its customers. We forge each and every hand tool precisely and thoughtfully, with a clear vision and strategy of what our customers want and what they demand. The guiding principles that drive our company when developing our innovations are confidence in our century-old knowledge in terms of development and the desire to always be better.

We have proven in the past that we truly are an expert in various fields and industries. With a clear focus and specialization of tools for individual segments, Unior Hand Tools is always exploring new possibilities and expanding its fields of expertise. As a result, our company is now strongly anchored and present in the automotive, cycling and motorcycle industries, as well as in other segments. Confidence in the quality of the brand is often expressed by a clear vision, which we demonstrate in many areas where we operate. In the last few years, Unior Hand Tools has made a big step forward and achieved a lot of progress in these mentioned segments. Entering the motorcycle industry a couple of years ago opened up new possibilities in terms of development phases and proved that Unior tools truly are created for all types of work and for every industry that values quality, a clear approach and progress.

This is why the company has identified the significant need to develop and upgrade the existing brand. With the help of experts, we have developed a slogan that is conquering markets and represents an important milestone in the mindset of our company. The slogan »Made for work« expresses exactly what Unior Hand Tools advocates in its approach. Our tools are suitable for all who are looking for professional and expert solutions in their field. Be it end customers or business partners. Hand tools Unior are simply »Made for work«. Without embellishments or "punchy" phrases, the mentioned slogan has been designed in a way that we present only the essence hidden behind the creation of our centuries-old toolmaking tradition. Unior Hand Tools is the right partner for all who like to do their job functionally, strategically, profitably, professionally and stably.

Together with the new slogan, we have also developed a new corporate identity for individual industries, where Unior Hand Tools is active. We have created a range of logos that interconnect in symbiosis and thus create the main communication path. This applies for the motorcycle, cycling and automotive segments. While preserving some of the key features of the basic Unior Hand Tools logo, we have upgraded modern guidelines and created new images that inspire. They represent a refreshed, contemporary and advanced vision that Unior Hand Tools will follow in the future. An approach that proves that just like Unior tools are forged by the best for the best, new images have been created to best showcase the relevance and quality of what we offer on the market.

In doing so, we at Unior Hand Tools have once again proved that we are pioneers in our industry and that the international aspect of our work is also strongly rooted in the mentality of people who create our brand.