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  • The importance of certificates: Story of Unior's quality and reliability

    Unior Hand Tools is best known for its advanced in-class product quality and reliability. This fame is being achieved through our long and rich history, new innovations and solutions, and numerous assurances such as quality standards and other well-established certificates.

  • How to create a usable workspace (before and after)

    Case Study: Zasavje Business Incubator Workshop Setup

  • Introducing a new memory app

    Work isn't interesting, if it isn't fun. That element brings an additional layer of motivation to the productivity and effectivity of work, so with that in mind, we created a new intriguing website application, that will test your level of skills and will reward you with great fun and attractive prizes ...

  • Product change: Cabinet 990CA

    We often update our products. When we update them, we refine them with additional functions, better quality, and other new benefits, that are brining new dimensions of usability to our users.

  • A walk through our production with Doctor D.S.

    We have achieved something truly amazing. Together with Doctor D.S., we carried out an outstanding project, where we transformed an old Go-kart into a brand new electric one. We carefully planned the whole project, but Doctor D.S. made it all happen. So for the final finish, we rewarded him with a special ...

  • Awarded with European Quality Trademark

    The Unior hand tools programme has been officially approved as a European manufacturer of hand tools