Unior 3D configurator

Unior 3D configurator is a perfect tool for setting up your workshop in 3D. It provides our partners and customers with easier and more transparent shopping experience. It is simple to use while providing you with all necessary designing tools.


A comprehensive and sophisticated way to set up either modular workbench or organize an entire custom workshop. It will give users view of their future workshop and help them to choose which Unior products are most suitable for them.

It is intended for end users and for distributors.
Free lifetime use.
Enables setting up a precise 3D replica of your available space.
All workshop equipment in 1:1 scale.
Easy to use.
Possible export of layout and list of items to your computer.

Configurator for business public
We have developed special licensed version of the Unior 3D Configurator for our business partners.
As registered users they can export the project past so-called "Ticketing" system and prepare an offer directly to the customer. It gives sales personnel possibility to give their customers completed offer which will include 3D layout of their future shop.

Instructions for use can be read at this link.: PDF I REWO