The final epiloque of the competition of knowledge

Doctor DS successfully converts Tomos to electricity

Recently, we saw the conclusion of Unior's educational competition, with the meaningful title Competition for Knowledge. For the second year in a row, a few secondary technical schools from all over Slovenia took part in the competition. This year, to take part in the competition, students had to build a trailer that could be connected to and driven by an electric Tomos engine. The challenge of converting a classic Tomos engine into an electric one was the task of renowned Croatian influencer Doctor DS, who succeeded after months of hard work, a professional approach and strategic thinking.

If the students from the technical schools spent more than 700 hours on their trailers, Doctor DS spent significantly more. Immediately after the competition, he turned his knowledge and manual skills to converting a classic Tomos engine into an electric one. With the latter, he had to connect the winning trailer created by the students of the Ptuj School Centre. They overwhelmed the expert jury at the final and showcase event of the Knowledge Competition. Their technologically sophisticated and functional trailer won first place. The expert jury also praised their presentation and the presentation itself, which was professionally sophisticated.

On Doctor DS's You Tube channel, we were able to follow the entire restoration and conversion of the classic engine to electric for several months. The well-known Croatian influencer also shared with his followers the procedures and the moments when it was necessary to really get stuck into the project. And yet, the result was more than successful. Not only did he create a highly advanced and modern electric motor, but he also gave it a visual makeover and made it extremely attractive. Together with the trailer, which also attracted many eyes for its functionality and appearance, the finished product represented a modern trend in today's motorcycle world. And it added a touch of visionary, progressive and professional approach to young people to the final epilogue of the competition.

Unior remains convinced that such competitions are proof that young people still have the desire to learn new skills and, above all, practical skills. This is why the Knowledge Competition will be held again next year, with the aim of encouraging young people to learn and develop their competences. The cornerstone of the competition, however, remains the "nurturing" of young craftsmen who will value their work and enrich the knowledge and practical skills that they will be able to put to good use over the years of regular work.

If you have not yet followed the workflow and the challenges Doctor DS has faced in the course of his work, we invite you to watch it now on his You Tube channel. You won't regret it!