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pdfSurubelnita de impact - 6762.1

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1/2” pointForce in NLifetime warranty

codSign SQ 4-point profileLenghtweight-- prazen stolpec --
* Imaginea produsului este simbolica.Toate dimensiunile sunt exprimate în mm,greutatea în grame.

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Safety tips

  • Use a screw holding screwdriver to get screws started in awkward, hard-to-reach areas.
  • Use a stubby screwdriver in close quarters where a conventional screwdriver cannot be used.
  • A rounded tip should be redressed with a file; make sure edges are straight.
  • Screwdrivers used in the shop are best stored in a rack. This way, the proper selection of the right screwdriver can be quickly made.
  • Keep the screwdriver handle clean; a greasy handle is apt to cause accidents.
  • A screwdriver should never be used as pry bar. If it is overstressed in this manner, the blade might break and send a particle of steel into the operator's arm or even towards his eyes.
  • Don't use pliers on the handle of a screwdriver to get extra turning power. A wrench should only be used on the square shank or bolster of a screwdriver that is especially designed for that purpose.
  • Don't expose a screwdriver blade to excessive heat as it may reduce the hardness of the blade.
  • Don't use a screwdriver with a split or broken handle.
  • Don't use a regular screwdriver to check a storage battery or to determine if an electrical circuit is live.
  • Manere cu design ergonomic

    La calitatea superioara a materialelor folosite pentru gama de surubelnite Unior se adauga manere de conceptie ergonomica care permit o excelenta calitate a prizei.
  • Manere tri material

    Multumita asocierii suprafetelor rigide cu cele mai moi, manerul special cu trei componente (brevetat Unior ) permite o folosire eficace si confortabila care solicita putin incheietura in timpul lucrului
  • Priza antiderapanta

    Capabile sa se potriveasca cu o varietate mare de profluri de surubelnita si avanad manerele tri-component, surubelnitele Unior asigura o eficienta sporita si o prindere antiderapanta