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SnijbekForm of cutting jawsPremium Hard Plus carbon steelLifetime warrantyDraag een veiligheidsbril


DIN ISO 5743


  • These ultra-powerful cutters are used to easily cut metal wire, including hardened and tempered alloys, and other extruded metals. They are ergonomically designed to apply a maximum force, while being easy on the hands. Drop-forged from Premium Hard Plus carbon steel with induction hardened cutting edges, BoltShark cutter can cut through up to 6mm of soft metal wire, 4mm of hard steel, and 3.6mm of tempered piano wire or steel spring. In addition to wire, the Boltshark cutters will quickly and cleanly cut through 5mm diameter nails, screws and rivets. The included groove holds thicker wire in position, preventing it from rolling along the cutting edge as the jaws are tightened.
  • drop forged from Premium Hard Plus carbon steel
  • fully hardened to ~47HRc, with cutting edges induction hardened to ~64HRc
  • finished with an anti-corrosive black coating and lightly oiled
  • double-dipped plastic non-slip handles provide good ergonomic hand grip


  • Engineered with a two-rivet joint, which uses a compound action to give increased cutting force with less effort.
  • The strongest force needs to be applied at the start of the cut, when the handles are furthest apart. BoltShark cutters are designed with the handles tighter together allowing the maximum force to be applied from the very start of the cut.
  • When cutting thicker diameter wire (over 2.5mm), there is a tendency for the wire to be pushed along the cutting edges as the jaws are tightened. The addition of a groove on the cutting edge holds the material safely in place, preventing this movement and allowing efficient, one-handed operation.
  • Tests show that using grooved BoltShark cutters to cut 2mm piano wire requires only 33% of the force needed by traditional strong cutters.
  • Central cutting edges leave a bevelled finish on both sides of the cut.
  • The included groove holds thicker wire in position.


  • For precise cutting of soft (up to 6 mm), hard (up to 4 mm) and piano wires (up to 3,6 mm).
  • Easily cuts parts such as screws, nails, rivets, etc. up to 5 mm thickness.
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knipcapaciteit (10N=1kg)
CodeLengteDraad max. 2150 N / mm² Max. diameter (mm)Draad max. 1600 N / mm² Max. diameter (mm)Draad max. 650 N / mm² Max. diameter (mm)
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Vraag en Antwoord

  • Do the names Shark and Boltshark mean anything?
    These names describe the principles behind operating the cutting pliers.
  • What does it mean that the pliers are quenched and tempered and the head parts/teeth of the pliers are inductively hardened?
    It means that the pliers are thermally processed by quenching and tempering their entire surface to a hardness of about 45HRc, while head parts are additionally inductively hardened to a hardness of at least 60HRc.
  • What is meant by the statement that pliers are made in accordance with the stated ISO standard?
    It means that the pliers are in accordance with the international standard in terms of dimensions, strength and structure, and compliance is determined by prescribed tests.
  • Ergonomisch gevormde handvaten

    Met ergonomische handvaten en speciaal ontworpen grip, het oppervlak van Unior tangen geeft een maximaal comfort en hoge efficiëntie met minimale inspanning.
  • Bescherming van het oppervlak

    De tangen zijn gemaakt van excellent staal met een speciale verbeterde samenstelling. Meerdere modellen hebben een speciale oppervlaktebescherming in chroom.

    Met hun perfect design en technische hoogwaardigheid verzekeren Unior tangen een hoge precisie en elke omstandigheid bij algemeen of speciaal werk.