Beitel en doorslag set - 645

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Doorslag en centerpuntset - 646

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Pendrijverset - 647

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Pendrijverset - 647A

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Pendrijverset - 647B

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Doorslag en centerpuntset - 646A

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Tool sets
  • Hoogwaardig materiaal

    Made of Premium Flex Plus Carbon Steel, Unior hammers have an induction hardened striking surface and peen. The superiority of the materials and state-of-the art manufacture are two qualities distinguishing not only hammers, but also other Unior striking tools, such as forged chisels and various punches.
  • Ergonomic design

    Their most common use – driving nails – has long been propagated by various types of hammer and other striking tools. The range of original wooden-handle hammers was expanded by metal-handle tools, additionally insulated with a plastic case. Unior hammers have ergonomically designed plastic cases to improve the grip and ensure a safer use.
  • Precisie

    The purpose of general use hammers or mason’s, framing, locksmith’s, welding and other specific-use hammers is to effectively transfer active power to one precise target.