Would you like to know how to adjust the chain on your moto bike?

Then let’s hit the mx track with Roman Jelen! Read our blog, part 3!


In cooperation with Roman Jelen (https://www.facebook.com/912mxschool/), a former motorcycle rider with many flattering achievements, we have prepared a series of interesting tips and trick on how to set up your MX bike.

In the third video in the '5 Top Tips to Set Up MX Bike' series we will focus on how to adjust the chain on your moto bike.

So, for good adjustment of our chain, it is commonly known that we need to stay in the range between 58 and 61 millimeters. If we go over 61 millimeters than we need to tight the chain. And how do we do that? Of course, with the use of the proper tool: https://uniortools.com/eng/product/710P-measuring-tape#15824

First, we will need to untight the nut - for that we will use the socket number 30 and later also slider handle. Later, we will need a wrench number 13 and number 10 to adjust the chain.

Let’s go and do it!

Don’t forget also to untight the whole part by the nut, by using the wrench number 13 (https://uniortools.com/eng/product/125-1-combination-wrench-short-type#3830) and number 10.

So, what we need to be careful here is that we check the signs on the swingarm and on the ex, because it needs to be the same as they are on the other side.

This is how the wheel is on the center of the direction. This is very important! In our case it is still not even, we use our wrenches and tight the nut a little bit more, till the end.

When the job on the right side is done, we should go on the other side, where we will do the same. Easy and super-fast! Thank you for following us and don’t forget to read our fourth blog. It will be available soon!