Product features

  • material: body from premium flex plus carbon steel, arm from premium chrome vanadium steel
  • drop forged, entirely hardened and tempered
  • surface finish: chrome plated according to ISO 1456:2009, screw blackened
  • lever action claws fit closely under the part to be removed


  • by reversing the arms, the puller can be used as internal or external puller
CodeArticle numberMaximum lenghtDiameterDiameterMaximum puller load capacity in kilonewtons (kN)Maximum puller load capacity in tons (t)ThreadWrench sizeweight
61507660906550 - 90252.5M 10x113325
61507790909050 - 110252.5M 10x113395
61507813014013080 - 140505M 14x1,5171125
61507918014018080 - 180505M 14x1,5171225
615080250195250130 - 250757.5M 22x2244025
615081350195350130 - 350757.5M 22x2244525
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

Usage (pictures)

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Safety (pictures)

Don't use a spindle that is damaged.

Don't use a puller which has a dirty spindle. Always clean your tools properly.

Don't grind, weld or reheat-treat puller arms.

Don't use pneumatic tools with pullers.

Never use a pipe extension or other form of lever to increase the leverage.

Never put the puller spindle off centre, as slippage of the puller arm can occur.

Always oil the puller spindle.

Always use the right tool for the job.

Always centre the puller spindle on the middle of the object, so the holding arms are distributed evenly on the body.

Questions & Answers

  • Can we achieve greater pulling force using a three-arm puller compared to a two-arm puller?
    It depends on the dimensions. In principle, yes, because the force is distributed over several arms.
  • One arm broke. Do I have to replace all the arms or just the broken one?
    It is necessary to change all the arms.
  • Extra durability

    Unior pullers, available with two or three adjustable arms, with a sliding hammer or pulling chuck, or in several other versions, are made of carbon tool steel. The special forging process guarantees their extra durability.
  • Easy to use

    Unior pulling systems enable safe and effective removal of bearings, bushings and sprockets. All pullers are easy to use, flexible and extremely long-wearing.