Product features

  • The charging station has direct connection to the power grid. With four shelves, it allows you to charge battery tools or connect other electrical accessories, such as your phone, laptop, and other smart devices. It is an indispensable element of a modern workshop.
  • material: premium PLUS sheet metal
  • door locked with lock and folding key
  • plexiglass door for viewing the cabinet interior
  • the doors open 180°
  • unlocked doors are held by magnets
  • includes 4 shelves, the upper 2 are fixed, the lower two are adjustable
  • the upper two shelfs are designed for charging batteries and smart devices. Each include a bank of twelve main outlets.
  • the upper shelves are perforated for extracting hot air
  • the shelves are reinforced
  • the side parts of the cabinet in the upper part are perforated for an easier extraction of hot air. Perforation serves as a means to attach accessories
  • the cover contains a plate with the mains switch, protective switches for the splitters and a thermostat, which can be regulated between 0 and 60 °C
  • the cover also contains a ventilator allowing the air to flow at 160 m3/h, which is activated at the set temperature and removes hot air from the cabinet, it includes a protective mesh netting and filter at the front, and the cover above the ventilator contains perforation for removing air
  • main plugin cable, lenght of 5 m, 5x16 A 400 V
  • the cables are hidden in ducts
  • all electronics are marked with appropriate stickers
  • all cabinet parts are grounded
  • the cabinet bottom is made in such way that it allows the cabinet to be moved with standard transport equipment such as forklifts and hand pallet trucks
  • basic dimensions of cabinet L 770 x W 430 x H 2052mm
  • coated with eco colour of Qualicoat quality standard
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

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