Product features

  • Tool tray dimension: 188 x 364 x 30 mm
  • Compatible with drawers of Eurostyle, Eurovision, Europlus and Hercules (front drawers) line

Set includes:

  • 4x TBI screwdriver with TX profile  (article 621TBI) dim. TX 6, TX 7, TX 8, TX 9
  • 2x TBI crosstip (PH) screwdriver (article 615TBI) dim. PH 1x80, PH 2x100
  • 2x TBI double-crosstip (PZ) screwdriver (article 625TBI) dim. PZ 1x80, PZ 2x100
Product name SKU Article Dimensions Quantity
Set of screwdrivers TBI in SOS tool tray 621561 964/9DSOS - 8
Screwdriver TBI with TX profile 621TBI TX 6, TX 7, TX 8, TX 9 4
Crosstip (PH) screwdriver TBI 615TBI PH 1x80, PH 2x100 2
Double-crosstip (PZ) screwdriver TBI 625TBI PZ 1x80, PZ 2x100 2
SOS tool tray for 964/9DSOS vl964/9DSOS 188x364x30 1
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

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