Product features

  • Dimension of box: 197 x 105 x 38

Set includes:

  • 1x Impact screwdriver (article 6762.1) dim. 1/2"
  • 1x Impact adapter (article 6762.2) dim. 1/2"-5/16"
  • 2x hex bits (article 6489C8) dim. 5, 6
  • 4x TX profile bit (article 6492C8) dim. TX20, TX25, TX30, TX40
  • 1x crosstip (PH) bit (article 6484C8) dim. PH4
  • 2x crosstip (PH) bit (article 6483C8) dim. PH2, PH3
  • 3x slotted bit (article 6480C8) dim. 1.2x6.5x41, 1.6x8.0x41, 2.0x12.0x41
Product name SKU Article Dimensions Quantity Weight
Impact screwdriver set 605061 6762 - 14 1249
Slotted bit, 3 pcs set 6480C8 1.2 x 6.5x41, 1.6 x 8.0x41, 2.0 x 12.0x41 3
Crosstip (PH) bit, 3 pcs set 6483C8 PH 2, PH 3 2
Crosstip (PH) bit, 3 pcs set 6484C8 PH 4 1
Hex bit, 3 pcs set 6489C8 5, 6 2
TX profile bit, 3 pcs set 6492C8 TX 25, TX 30, TX 40, TX 20 4
Impact screwdriver 6762.1 1/2"x144 1
Adaptor 1/2" - 5/16" 6762.2 1/2" - 5/16" 1
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

Usage (pictures)

Move impact screwdriver closer to screw, which we will tighten (R), or loosen (L)

L is showing screw loosening.

R is showing screw tightening.

When tightening or loosening the screw, tool has to be placed in a position perpendicular to the screw!

Move tool closer to screw, and dont press it to final position before use. With hammer strike, tool is automaticlly extracted and tightening/loosening begins.

When the tool is in the compressed position, and we strike it with hammer inner mechanism will get destroyed. Never strike tool with hammer, when the tool is in compressed position!

When the tool is properly positioned on the screw, tapp the tool holder with hammer. This will trigger mechanism that allows bolt tightening/loosening for approx. 15°.

  • Ergonomically designed handles

    The superior quality of materials used in the Unior line of screwdrivers is complemented by ergonomically designed handles to provide an excellent hold.
  • Three-component handle

    With its combination of soft and hard surfaces, the special, three-component handle – a Unior patent – ensures comfort and efficient performance with minimum strain on the wrist while working.
  • Slip-proof grip

    Able to fit a variety of screw profiles and exhibiting innovative three-component handles, UNIOR screwdrivers ensure great efficiency and a slip-proof grip.