Form of cutting jawsFor long, straight continuous cutsFor straight continuous and shaped cutsPremium plus carbon steelLifetime warranty

Product features

  • material: premium plus carbon steel
  • drop forged
  • blade induction hardened
  • handles plastic dipped
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* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

Safety tips

  • Never hammer, or use your foot to get extra pressure on the cutting edges.
  • Be careful of sharp edges on the cutting edges of these tools.
  • Use only hand pressure for cutting.
  • Never hammer, or use your foot to get extra pressure on the cutting edges.
  • Snips should be carefully put away after use. Wipe the cutting edges with a lightly oiled rag.
  • Oil the pivot bolt on the snips occasionally.
  • Don't try to cut sharp curves with straight cut snips.
  • Don't resharpen a snip blade.
  • Don't use snips as a hammer, screwdriver or pry bar. Use proper tools for the job.
  • Don't store snips in a drawer with other tools. Tools with cutting edges should always be treated with extra respect.
  • Secure cut

    Designed for a secure and accurate cut through sheet steel, concrete reinforcement, wires, cables and PVC pipes, but comprising also pruning and grape shears for work in orchards and vineyards, the varied Unior shears line proves its advantages in a wide range of professional and home uses.
  • Superior quality steel

    Made of superior quality carbon steel, Unior shears have drop forged jaws, induction hardened blades, and solidly insulated handles, and also feature an efficient surface protection.
  • Tempered blades

    With perfectly tempered blades you can do that effortlessly and with great results!