Product features

  • 5:1 torque multiplication, accuracy guaranteed better than +/-4%
  • supplied with two reaction bar styles for maximum versatility
  • Robust construction means minimal maintenance and long life
  • Supplied in a carrying case. Ideal for inclusion in the heavy vehicle tool kit


  • Exactly defined multiplication – no need of tabular conversions
  • Simple use does not require any additional knowledge


  • building construction
  • agricultural equipment
  • heavy industry
  • larger construction machinery
  • shipbuilding industry
  • aircraft industry
  • train compositions
  • refineries


  • The use of Unior IMPACT sockets is recommended.
  • We shall never exceed the requested torque starting point of the multiplier.
CodeInternal 4-point driveSign SQ 4-point profileTorque in NmTorque in lbf-inmultiplicationDiameterThicknessAdditionsl lenghtHeightweight
6168041/2" (32mm)3/4"13009605 : 11081262101807000
6168053/4" (36mm)1"270020005 : 11081282101867000
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

Usage (pictures)

Usage (Video)

  • Accuracy in measurement

    Measuring tapes, torque wrenches with overload protection, Vernier callipers (digital as well), spirit levels, try-squares, mason’s levels and feeler gauges are excellent representatives of accurate measuring instruments, without which a successful planning and execution of work is simply impossible to imagine.
  • Test-safe use

    Measuring tools are precise and at the same time simple to use – both in general measurements with classic measuring tapes in different variants as well as in specific masonry and locksmith works, in gauging threads, etc.
  • Multiple versions

    Unior precision tools are available in classic variants and state-of the- art digital versions with added timers and other features. All tools are designed and manufactured in accordance with the current international standards.