Product features

  • Each foam tray is available separately to match your needs.
Product name SKU Article Dimensions Quantity Weight
Bike tool set in tool tray 629189 1600SOS17-US 17 4203
Cartridge bottom bracket wrench 1671.8/2BI-US 1
Crank cap tool 1609.1 1
Master chain tool 1647/2BBI-US 1
Pro chain wear indicator 1643/4 0 - 1,2 1
Tapered crank puller 1662/4 1
Crank puller with handle 1661.3/4DP-US 1
Pro pedal wrench 1613/2BI-US 15 1
Reversible ratchet 1/2" 190.1/1ABI-US 1/2" 1
Cassette wrench 1670/2BI-US 11/12, 13/14 2
Freewheel removal tool 1670.1/4 1
Freewheel remover Suntour® 1670.2/4 1
Freewheel remover Suntour® 1670.3/4 1
Campagnolo cassette lockring tool 1670.4/4 1
Cassette lockring tool 1670.5/4 1
Freewheel remover for BMX® 1670.6/4 1
Cassette lockring tool with 12mm guide pin 1670.9/4 1
SOS tool tray for 1600SOS17 vl1600SOS17 564x364x30 1
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

Usage (pictures)

  • New advanced technology

    The use of new technological methods and top quality materials result in tools with a long life span, safety designs ensure repair jobs without damages, customized solutions, excellent effectiveness, modern materials and ergonomic design provide good looks and safe use.
  • Customized solutions for excellent results

    Our solutions offer adaptability to the bicycle parts of all producers. Our tradition, our own design, and constant technical development and modern technology keep us one step ahead.
  • Excellent durability

    Unior hand tools finish many jobs faster and make working in tight areas easier. They are adapted to work on the latest bicycle models.