The Regional Chamber of Commerce Celje (RGZC), part of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, yesterday awarded the best innovations in the Celje region. Unior hand tools, which has been following the trends of innovation and forward thinking in the field of development since its inception, was among the entries. We showcased our expertise and innovation with our electric bike service stand, which also won a silver award yesterday.

Innovation awards are those that mark many companies and are many times of strategic importance for their economic development. Consequently, at Unior we are also constantly striving to innovate and upgrade the products, services, etc. All with the aim of meeting the increasingly conscious sustainability criteria and respecting the trends dictated by consumers. The specialization of tools in the Unior Hand Tools program is a commitment that we have been following for a long time, because we want to offer the most innovative and sophisticated products in each area. And only a good knowledge of the segment in which you operate can enable you to do this. So, in addition to other specialized tools, we also place a strong emphasis on cycling tools. This has been growing considerably in recent years, which is why we at Unior Hand Tools are constantly looking for ways to bring our products closer to the end consumer, to make their bike maintenance even more useful and professional.

And since the Celje Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry awards innovation every year, we decided to enter an electric bike service stand as this year's innovation. We are proud to have won the silver award in the category of the Best Innovation of the Celje Region 2024, which was presented to us by Izidor Krivec, President of the Celje Regional Chamber of Commerce, and Vesna Nahtigal, Director General of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia.

Klavdija Kojc, Director of Unior Hand Tools, said: "We at Unior are proud and delighted to have received a silver award from the Celje Chamber of Commerce and Industry for our innovative electric bicycle stand for bicycle repair and maintenance. This award is the result of our vision of mobility that combines cutting-edge technology and user-friendly solutions. Our users, who have had the opportunity to test this stand, are impressed with it, this is why we will soon be launching it on the global market. This award also confirms our commitment to innovation and sustainable solutions and is the result of the dedicated work and expertise of our team. It is this team that works day in and day out to find improvements in our hand tools and sales channels to offer the best solution to our users. We will definitely continue with this vision and way of thinking in the future."

The fact that Unior hand tools are a globally recognized brand is proven by the fact that today we are present in more than 120 markets worldwide. This kind of innovation only confirms that with our own development and ideas we can stand side by side with many foreign renowned brands in various fields of specialized tools.