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  • Competition for knowledge overview

    We have done it. We have finally done it. We finished our first edition of the "Competition for knowledge" with great success. We gathered all the finalists in one event, where they competed in practical and fun challenges. Among the 48 finalists, only three won, and those three are now richer ...

  • Competition for knowledge: start of the project

    Cooperation is the key to success! That idea has been the driving force behind our philosophy in the past, and this idea will be our driving force in the future. With this in mind, we are tightly collaborating with our customers, our business partners and, from now on – with the Slovenian technical ...

  • Start of the #100yearsofsuccess campaign

    Our company is more than 100 years old. It has evolved from a little workshop to a global company that is shaping new working trends and innovative hand tools solutions every single day. To mark our rich story, we just launched a comprehensive promotional #100yearsofsuccess campaign that promotes our ...

  • The story of the 1900km offroad journey: a perfect way of testing skills and our products

    Motorbike enthusiasm is entrenched in our veins. We produce innovative solutions for maintaining and repairing all kinds of motorcycles, so we exactly know what motorcyclists want and need. And to demonstrate this case, we have set a difficult challenge for our friend Greg Gilson - he will ride a 1900km ...

  • The importance of certificates: Story of Unior's quality and reliability

    Unior Hand Tools is best known for its advanced in-class product quality and reliability. This fame is being achieved through our long and rich history, new innovations and solutions, and numerous assurances such as quality standards and other well-established certificates.

  • How to create a usable workspace (before and after)

    Case Study: Zasavje Business Incubator Workshop Setup