Unior Hand Tools is once again supporting The Young Mechanic of Slovenia project

Unior hand tools once again demonstrated the importance of linking the economy and vocational activities, by supporting the Young Mechanic 2023 project, following a successful competition for knowledge project. The event was organized by the magazine Tranzit, which is holding the third competition in a row this year. Ten secondary schools in Slovenia, with a total of 20 students, participated in this year's competition. All of them are attending the third year of secondary school in the automotive service education program, which means they will soon start looking for their profession. Aljaž Platiše, a student of the Secondary School of Mechanical Engineering in Škofja Loka, demonstrated the most theoretical and practical knowledge and won the award for the second year in a row.

Students from the aforementioned secondary schools demonstrated that knowledge in the field of automotive mechanics consists of both theoretical and practical aspects. This year's competition was the third of its kind and was attended by 10 schools from all over Slovenia: Celje, Domžale, Koper, Ljubljana, Nova Gorica, Novo mesto, Postojna, Ptuj, Škofja Loka and Velenje. Students answered questions on specific areas of automotive service activities and competed in changing tires, replacing the air dryer cartridge on a Volvo truck, and protecting and preparing an electric vehicle for service on a Ford Mustang Mach-E. In addition to the knowledge and skills they have, they also had to demonstrate their manual dexterity. While Aljaž won first place, Jaka Vlašič from the School of Mechanical Engineering in Novo mesto and Staš Stropnik, representing the School of Mechanical Engineering in Velenje, placed second and third with a minimal difference in the final score. Borut Štajnaher, organizer and editor of the Tranzit magazine, emphasized the importance of connecting and the purpose of the project itself:

"In recent years, it has become especially noticeable that the profession of automotive mechanic is significantly in deficit, and unfortunately, there is a lack of interest in it. That is why we decided to raise its popularity to a higher level by connecting the economy and schools. This led to the Young Mechanic of Slovenia project, whose purpose is not only to connect the economy and education but also to connect schools that educate students with similar interests throughout Slovenia, while strengthening interest in technical culture. At the same time, we brought the economy closer to the students and indirectly introduced them to their potential future employers."

However, because they recognize the importance of practical education and training as the key to successful careers for individuals, the Unior hand tools company also participated in the project.

"Collaborating on projects with high school students is of great importance to us because we always want to encourage young people to develop their knowledge and inspire them to work in professional fields. That is why we have once again partnered with the organizer of the Young Mechanic of Slovenia project this year."

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