The importance of certificates: Story of Unior's quality and reliability

Unior Hand Tools is best known for its advanced in-class product quality and reliability. This fame is being achieved through our long and rich history, new innovations and solutions, and numerous assurances such as quality standards and other well-established certificates.

The situation in the hand tool market is hard. It is filled with many different providers that offer several different solutions and products. This means that consumers can choose among various different options that can be selected by diverse parameters such as price, performance, and brands.

This kind of environment creates an excellent position for consumers, where every consumer has their own options and own requests. But unfortunately, their understanding of quality may vary greatly, so to fill this gap, independent certificates and well-established standards come in.

What is the standard and why is it so important?

Standard and standard definitions:

1. Serving as a basis of weight, measure, value, comparison, or judgment.

2. of recognized excellence or established authority: a standard reference on medieval history.

3. usual, common, or customary: Chairs are standard furniture in American households. not electric or automatic; manualstandard transmission

4. conforming in pronunciation, grammar, vocabulary, etc., to the usage of most educated native speakers, especially those having prestige, and widely considered acceptable or correct: Standard American English;standard pronunciation. Compare nonstandard (def. 2).

5. authorized or approved:The program was broadcast on the standard broadcast band.


Certificates and standards guarantee that products, processes, materials, knowledge, sources and resources are achieving clearly (high) defined normatives of an independet national or internation organizations. In other words that means that every product must meet the required level of quality and must be assured through tough lab testing, assessments or reviews.

Unior's approach to quality and realiability

To assure the best-in class quality of our products, we think ahead of the whole process. We incorporate every single aspect of the standard requirements in the making, planning, and designing of our products. This allows us to not only meet the standard expectations but also raise our own quality bar and the quality bar of the whole hand tool market to new heights and potentials.

With this in mind, in more than a hundred years of challenges, we have evolved into the leading hand tool provider in Europe that we are today. We source the vast majority of our products from Europe, which earns us the prestigious title of Certified European Producer and the ability to meet the most stringent needs and requests of our customers, partners, and other market participants.

And we wouldn't be able to do this, without any certificate, that legitemitely and independently guarantees our product quality and realiability to our users.

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Uniors standards and certificates

1. European quality trademark – The latest and greatest European certificate that proves the true origin of a company's products. We are very proud that we greatly exceeded the minimum standards and that more than 86% of the production or finished products originate from Europe.

2. ISO 9001 - This is the system of quality management standards that allows the company to demonstrate a commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. This means that every single process in the company is being controlled and allows the warranty of a consistent quality level. More info about this standard can be found here.

3. ISO 140001 - This standard allows the company to show great respect for the environment and environmental friendliness because every process in the product-making is being environmentally optimized for the lowest environmental impact.

4. ISO 50001 - Energy efficiency has become a necessity, so Unior manages its own resources more efficiently. For this reason, the whole production and distribution of thermal energy in the Zreče town has an established and properly maintained management system.

5. OHSAS 18001 - OHSAS 18001 defines safety and health management requirements. By obtaining the OHSAS 18001 certificate, the organization proves that it manages all significant risks.