Pince coupante Powershark - 467SHARK/4DP Nouveau

These ultra-powerful cutters are used to easily cut metal wire, including hardened and tempered alloys, and other extruded metals. They are ergonomically designed to apply a maximum force, while being easy on the hands. Drop-forged from high carbon steel with induction hardened cutting edges, PowerShark cutter can cut through up to 6mm of soft metal wire, 3,5 mm of hard steel, and 3 mm of tempered piano wire or steel springs. In addition to wire, the Powershark cutters will quickly and cleanly cut through 4mm diameter nails, screws and rivets.
Forgée à partir d'acier à haute teneur en carbone
fully hardened to ~47HRc, with cutting edges induction hardened to ~64HRc
finished with an anti-corrosive black coating and lightly oiled
double-dipped plastic non-slip handles provide good ergonomic hand grip
central cutting edges leave a beveled finish on both sides of the cut
for precise cutting of soft (up to 6 mm), hard (up to 3,5 mm) and piano wires (up to 3 mm)
easily cuts parts such as screws, nails, rivets, etc. up to 4 mm thickness

Standard: DIN ISO 5743

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