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  • The set is used for demonstration of pulling inner bearings. Set includes inner bearing puller, two pulling arms, three different sizes of bearings and housing with prepared places for these bearings. Firstly we fit the bearing into housing with non rebound hammer, handle and assembling head. After that we fix the housing with help of the clamp on the table and start with the pulling.
Naziv proizvoda SKU Članak Dimenzije - YouTube video kanal " sr: težina
Demo set for 689/2BI with hammer 625617 689/2BIDEMO - 13 4742
Blade with handle for 689/2BI 689.2/2BI 1
Sliding hammer for 689/2BI 689.3/2 1
Ručica za art.689/2BI 689.1/4 6,5 - 8, 10 - 12 2
Handle for assembling heads HA.689/2BIDEMO 1
Assembling head for bearing H.689/2BIDEMO 628.7, 627, 6000 3
Bearings housing HO.689/2BIDEMO 1
Bearing BEA.689/2BIDEMO 628.7, 627, 6000 3
Čekić plastični neodbojni 819A 45 1
Kutija za nasadne ključeve 981K 1/2"x448x198x54 1
* Slike proizvoda su simbolične. Sve dimenzije su u mm, masa je u g.
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