Demo set for 596PLUS/6G and 586/6 in bag


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  • Basic set in plastic box we can order under code 623759 and article 586.596DEMOCT. After that we order only refil under code 623749 and article re.596DEMOCT and supply code 623748 and article re.586DEMOCT.
  • Basic set 623759 contents:
  • Bolt cutters with interchangeable triangular cutting edges dim.750
  • Ribbed reinforcing bars dia 12mm
  • Ribbed reinforcing bars dia 10mm
  • Ribbed reinforcing bars dia 8mm
  • Ribbed reinforcing bars dia 6mm
  • Ibex wrench 129/1 dim. 10mm and 22mm
  • Threaded rod cutter
  • threaded rods M6, M8, M10, M12 each lenght 1m
  • nuts M6, M8, M10, M12, each dimensions 2 piece
  • hexagon wrench dim. 4mm
  • Cutter for 586/6
  • With this set we show correct cutting of ribbed reinforcing bars or meshes. Set includes Ibex wrench dimension 10mm to show changement of triangular blade and ibex wrench dimension 22mm to eliminate space between cutting edges.
  • and
  • With threaded rod cutter we show correct cutting of threaded rods, on which we can after cutting screw a nut on it without any problem. Due to different quality of threaded rods is thread corrector enclosed. Enclosed is also hexagon wrench dim. 4mm to show correct changement of spare cutter.
Naziv proizvoda SKU Članak Dimenzije - YouTube video kanal " sr: težina
Demo set for 596PLUS/6G and 586/6 in bag 623759 586.596DEMOCT - 8 16000
Škare za betonsko željezo sa izmjenjivim trokutnim noževima 596PLUS/6G 750 1
Refil- ribbed reinforcing bars for 586.596DEMOCT re.596DEMOCT 1
Škare za rezanje šipki s navojem 586/6 M 8xM 10xM 12 1
Refil-threaded rods for demo set 586.596DEMOCT re.586DEMOCT 1
Ključ viljuškasto-okasti IBEX 129/1 10, 22 2
Ključ imbus s kuglom 220/3S 4 1
Nož za 586/6 586.1/7 M8 1
Torba za stalak za bicikle BikeGator 1693BAG 1100x300x10 1

* Slike proizvoda su simbolične. Sve dimenzije su u mm, masa je u g.
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