How to create a usable workspace (before and after)

Case Study: Zasavje Business Incubator Workshop Setup

Workspace organization has a significant impact on the efficiency & dynamics of work and on the well-being & productivity of the user. That means that, when designing a workspace, several factors must be taken into account. Some of these essential factors are: safety at work, ergonomics, functionality, comfort at work, and the appearance of the workplace itself.

Designing and constructing the workplace is one of the last steps of creating the perfect workplace. The whole process begins long before the actual construction and purchase of workshop equipment. You should begin with the analysis of your requirements, and then the whole process will be very easy. It can be even easier with the right tools, and you can assume problems of setting up the workspace—this allows us to anticipate any potential problems and gives us insight into our new, unbuilt work environment.

We recently equipped the new workshop of the Zasavje Business Incubator (ZPI) with our workshop equipment. We recognized the ZPI project as something new and fresh – perfect opportunity for testing our new 3D Configurator.

Create your own workspace with our new 3D configurator. Click here to try it out.

With our new 3D Configurator, we made an idea a reality. We created a whole process in this new application, and we wanted to share our approach as a good case scenario. Firstly, we got to know the environment that is available. Then we construed the whole space in our 3D Configurator, and then we drew our proposal by placing the workshop equipment in the 3D space that is available for us.

After we created a workshop replica and a 3D model, we presented the result to the Zasavje Business Incubator. After a joint meeting and viewing the 3D model, we decided on a different layout. At the meeting, we received certain information about the different dynamics of work, which weren't taken into account in the first layout proposal. This is where the importance of a tool such as the 3D configurator was proven. Because, with the help of the application, we were able to easily predict problems that could arise between the current layout and change.

Second version, perfect fit

The new layout suited the clients, so we started with the realization.We placed the workshop equipment in the room according to the specifications from the 3D configurator, and we filled the drawers with tools in our SOS inserts. The tool list has also been carefully considered and arranged by job. Such a project was something new for both of us—for us and for the client. We are still very proud that we had the opportunity to participate in the creation of the first business incubator of this kind, and we hope that this project will encourage the creation of new similar incubators, because similar projects to this can make a much easier path to the market for young start-up companies.

The end result is such an exceptional workspace that perfectly suits its purpose and makes work processes much easier and more efficient. So try our new 3D configurator and find out how it can help you create a better workshop that suits its purpose and your needs.

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