Product attributes

  • material: premium flex plus carbon steel
  • drop forged, entirely hardened and tempered
  • cutting edges induction hardened
  • heavy duty double - component handles
CodeLenghtWidthAdditionsl lenghtThicknessweight-- prazen stolpec -- 
62006912013.615.88.290 +
cutting capacity (10N=1kg)
CodeLenghtWire 750-850 N/mm²CuSn6 Max. diameter (mm)
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, weight in grams.
  • Precision

    Tools for electronic use are distinguished by precision of manufacture and excellent functionality, which guarantees a complete match with the object being worked on, even in hard to access places.
  • Effectiveness

    The tool provides several functions, such as cutting, removing and pressing cables, which makes work faster and without additional physical strain.
  • Durability

    Top materials prevent the rapid wear of the tool, safety elements make it possible to make repairs without the risk of injuries and the ergonomic shape ensures safe, comfortable and simple use.