Product features

  • with one separable support leg
  • material: premium PLUS sheet metal
  • coated with eco colour of Qualicoat quality standard
  • with 100 hooks lenght of 100 mm
  • merchandiser delivered without drawer
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

Usage (pictures)


Questions & Answers

  • Does the same perforation apply to all Unior perforated products?
    Perforation is the same for all Unior products.
  • Are instructions included with all Unior products?
    Instructions are included for all products that need to be assembled and for products with a specific use.
  • To provide our customers accurate planning of the retail outlets, a special program has been developed for UNIOR - the XPace program.
  • It is a program that is designed for virtual distribution of the products on the merchandisers.
  • It enables us to estimate the necessary space on the merchandiser when displaying a selected assortment of products.