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We proudly present Unior PITBOX - an innovative mobile workstation, specially designed for moto enthusiasts! Developed in close collaboration with renowned moto expert Robert Pogorelc, PITBOX is the perfect solution for individuals, amateur, and professional teams in the moto industry. Unior PITBOX offers freedom of movement and enough space for all your needs. Designed with functionality and practicality in mind, it provides ample workspace for storing tools and larger items.No more compromises! PITBOX allows you to customize the work surface according to your needs. You can choose between wooden, plastic, metal, or inox plates, ensuring complete flexibility and functionality. Whether in moto pits or workshops, Unior PITBOX will become an indispensable part of your equipment. Not only does it facilitate your work, but it also improves organization and efficiency in maintaining moto vehicles.

Why is the PITBOX cart indispensable for all moto enthusiasts?

  • In addition to its size, it is characterized by a raised edge that ensures tools and small parts do not fall out of the cart.
  • It contains 7 standard drawers, providing just enough space for an organized and tidy work environment and tool storage.
  • The center drawer with doors and an adjustable shelf provides enough space for storing larger items and work equipment.
  • On the right side, there is a special space intended for a roll of paper towels, and next to it, there is also a pull-out bin for waste.
  • On the back of the cart, an electrical cable and a hose for compressed air connection are installed.
  • On the front side, you will find two standard electrical outlets, a retractable electrical cable (5m), and a retractable hose (5m) for compressed air.
  • All four, 360° swivel wheels have a diameter of 125 mm, ensuring perfect maneuverability and positioning of the cart; one wheel is equipped with a brake and one with a direction lock.
  • In the lower part of the cart, there are four panels that obscure the view of the wheels and give the cart an even more aesthetic look. The panels can be lifted before moving and are magnetically attached back to the corners of the cart.
  • Practical grooves are located on the left and right sides of the cart for mounting screwdriver and T-key holders.
  • Frames for two temperature screens (above) and two for tire warmer cables (below) are prepared in advance. This allows you to upgrade and modernize your PITBOX cart with digital screens and tire warmers.
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

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  • Surface protection

    Tools are made of excellent steel improved composition. Several models come with additional chrome surface protection.
  • New advanced technology

    The use of new technological methods and top quality materials result in tools with a long life span, safety designs ensure repair jobs without damages, customized solutions, excellent effectiveness, modern materials and ergonomic design provide good looks and safe use.
  • Top Quality Materials

    The well-thought-out design and precise manufacture prevent damage to the objects being worked on even under a substantial load. With these characteristics, the effective Unior tools are the right selection for craftsmen who require quality and durable tools with a long service life.