Product attributes

  • material: premium chrome vanadium steel
  • drop forged, entirely hardened and tempered
  • working surfaces induction hardened
  • surface finish: red lacquered
  • made according to standard ISO 8976


  • jaw aperture adjustable in 7 positions
  • A special bulge prevents fingers to be pressed between the handles of the pliers.
CodeLenghtThicknessMaximum tube diameterweight-- prazen stolpec -- 
6073481756.526.5154 +
6031602407.535312 +
6050063008.542464 +
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, weight in grams.
  • Numerous additional parts

    The range of pipe wrenches is complemented by other tools dedicated to pipe-work installations, such as various tube cutters and vices, flaring tools, test pumps for pipe-work.
  • Ergonomic shape

    The special grip pipe wrench, thanks to its ergonomic shape, always fits in your hand perfectly while performing a firm, non-slip clasp on tubes regardless of their shape or width.
  • Easy installing

    Unior pipe and tubing tools allow safe and efficient installing of plumbing systems, as they transfer much of the additional force onto the pipes and provide a strong and steady hold without nuts or bolts.