Premium plus carbon steelLifetime warranty

Product features

  • material: premium plus carbon steel
  • surface finish: phosphated to standard ISO 9717
  • heavy duty double - component handles


  • special designed clamping jaws hold the wire securely during the stripping process


  • swivel knob micro-adjusts for thinner wire to 30AWG (0.05mm²) or thicker wire to 8AWG (8mm²)
  • crimp non-insulated terminals 10-22AWG (1.5 to 6.0mm²)
  • crimp insulated terminals 10-22AWG (1.5 to 6.0mm²)
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

Usage (pictures)

Questions & Answers

  • Why is it necessary to use crimping pliers for cable connections? Why not simply use combination pliers?
    When working with cable connections, you must use crimping pliers because this is the only way to press the connections together correctly and accurately. This is a requirement for the safety of the joints and provided for by the grooves/shapes on the pliers.
  • Ergonomic handles

    With ergonomic handles and a specially designed grip, surface Unior pliers provide maximum comfort at work and high efficiency with minimum strain.
  • Surface protection

    The pliers are made of excellent steel with special improved composition. Several models come with additional chrome surface protection.
  • High precision

    With their perfect design and technological superiority, Unior pliers ensure a high precision hold in any instance of general or dedicated use.