Adjustable screw for clamp 1693.1 and 1693.1S

Product features

  • Replacement of the spring with the screw, enables us to modify the jaw opening and pressure when closed. The screw can be turned with hand, without use of any wrenches.
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

Usage (pictures)

With a wrench unscrew the nut M8 (A) from the lever handle. ATTENTION while unscrewing: Spring is compressed and may pop out.

Push the handle towards the jaw and pull out the handle lever (B) from the lever guide, then remove the spring (C).

Unscrew the screws M4 (D) from the handle and remove the lever handle (E) which will not be required for the system with the screw.

Insert new lever handle (shorter) (F) between the metal parts of the handle and fasten it on the handle with two screws M4 (G).

Screw new setting nut M8 (H) to about half-way along the handle lever.

Push the setting nut M8 (I) through the guide lever and with wrench 13 attach a new hex M8. While detain the nut wrench M8 (J) with other 13 wrench. Screw hex nut M8 so that there is a little gap between it and guide lever and that it is possible to screw or unscrew the nut.

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