New Doctor DS Project: Homemade Drill Press Stand with Unior Cabinet

Doctor DS is one of those innovators who can match every job imaginable. No task is too hard for him, so his creations made him a well known YouTuber with more than 2 million followers. In the past, he created quite a few interesting projects, but after his last project, it looks like he is just getting started.

We and Doctor DS have a long history together. We support each other in our own way, and we've created quite a few interesting projects together. Who can forget a homemade brush for trimming, a 300cc tank, a motorcycle with car tires, and a famous GoKart transformation that was created especially for our project "Competition for Knowledge"?

His every creation is a blast, so we cannot wait for his next innovation. This time he created a homemade drill press stand with our cabinet. He constructed the basis, processed it to perfection, and adjusted it directly to his needs and requirements. It looks astonishing, so we are sure, that every handyman will envy him.

If you want to create a similar solution, check out his video and find out what the problems and challenges of this kind of project are. To help you out a bit, check out the cabinet that Doctor DS uses in his drill press stand.