Start of the #100yearsofsuccess campaign

Our company is more than 100 years old. It has evolved from a little workshop to a global company that is shaping new working trends and innovative hand tools solutions every single day. To mark our rich story, we just launched a comprehensive promotional #100yearsofsuccess campaign that promotes our successful milestones, great achievements, and our breakthrough accomplishments.

Everything started with a strong will and hard work. For this kind of behavior slovenians have a powerful folk proverb: "vse se zmore, če se hoče" or in English, "everything is possible if you want it.". That strong quote drove us to think about ourselves.

We have a rich history. We work with more than 1500 coworkers, offer more than 3500 different kinds of products in more than 100 plus markets. We are a global company that offers quality hand tool solutions to those who want to solve their problems and to those who want to create something unachievable.

This opportunity is a great honor for us because it means that we are supporting our customers, our business partners, our distribution chains, and our coworkers on the way to their success. Or, said in other words, we have been supporting successful stories for more than 100 years.

We combined these strong messages and the #100yearsofsuccess was born. We created a TV message that is shown during the Volleyball World Championship and is supported by rich content on all our social media.

So be sure to check out the championship and to follow us on our social media.

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