Epic journey with Greg Gilson Part 1 - From Paris to Valence

Riding a motorcycle is a unique adventurous experience that is known only to motorcycle enthusiasts. The stories that are created with every driven mile and corner are invaluable, so we can say without any hesitation, that motorbike is love, passion and life. And the best example of this kind of trip is latest adventure of our friend Greg Gilson.

Can you imagine driving trough (almost the whole) France on a motorcycle in just a few days? This was reciently achieved by Greg Gilson – a famous ex motorcyclist, moto enthusiast and a motorcycle expedition guide and his companion Bruce Jouanny (racer and journalist of Top Gear France).

On their journey, they experienced an unforgettable adventure: drive through unspoiled nature, exposion to the life dangers, and the experience of freedom and speed….

They set out on an adventure with a customized Honda 125 XLS. Although the motorcycle is extremely reliable, they encountered several different problems due to unexpected obstacles. Luckily they found the solution with tools that you can find here.


So be sure to check out how did the journey looked like. The first part is available here:

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