Tool set MX PRO KIT wins motocross fans worldwide

The chaotic year 2020 turned many spectrums of sports life upside down, including in motocross. Nevertheless, at Unior Hand Tools, we are proud that despite the conditions that have spread throughout the world, we have remained faithful to our tradition and at the same time developed many innovations. All in order to meet the needs of our customers and business partners. That’s how the idea was made in 2020, to provide all motocross fans with a suitcase with tools that will facilitate their rides and possible complications when conquering new terrains. The result is MX PRO KIT tool set, which has been impressing all moto professionals in the field since March 2021.

Unior hand tools has proven in the past that penetrating the motorcycle segment is a strategically good and important decision for the company's development. So, today we can mention that we are proud sponsor of some of the world's strongest motorcycle teams and our own team, Unior Racing Team, which from year to year achieves excellent results on motorcycle tracks. Due to the good knowledge of the terrain and the wishes of motorcyclists, the idea soon came to develop a set of tools for them, which will facilitate the conquest of peaks and quality service of their motorcycles. In 2021, the MX PRO KIT was launched - a set of tools that includes 107 pieces of various tools suitable for a traveling workshop, service or home craftsmen.

A wide range of different tools is a proof that the new set is prepared for different situations and potential complications that can happen to both, professional and amateur motocross users. Nevertheless, the selection of tools is precisely determined, as we determined its final shape together with the mechanics of the competition teams. With the main goal to meet the basic needs and requirements of our customers.

The MX PRO KIT has been designed and tested with the help of professional mechanics, on the most difficult tracks and off-road tracks around the world, as well as on terrains intended for motocross riders. Extremely durable and functionally arranged pockets allow the tool to always remain practically arranged and tidy. The additional empty space in the set is intended for arranging and adding tools according to their own wishes and needs, as many moto riders also have their own selection of tools, which they can practically store in their new set.

Development within the motorcycle industry continues

After the launch of the current MX PRO KIT tool set, Unior hand tools has already decided not to fall asleep on the current laurels, but to successfully continue the development in the motorcycle segment also in the future.

This time we are moving from the motocross segment to road moto riding, which also covers a wide range of amateur and professional moto riding enthusiasts. The development of this set is also carried out in cooperation with professional motorcycle teams, which Unior hand tools has been supporting for many years. The ROAD PRO KIT tool set is expected to be launched in the second half of 2021.