Orientation towards E-mobility has become much more than a day's trend. It is becoming a global trend, followed by nearly the whole world, with noticeable great attention given especially by automotive industry. Therefore, vehicles using alternative means of energy, such as electrically driven vehicles, will become an important part of transportation in the future.

Efficient use of energy and carbon monoxide emission reduction are E-mobility’s primary attributes and as such represent clear vision and trend for the future. This is exactly the reason for EU’s stimulation of increasing the production of electrical any hybrid vehicles, focusing especially on personal transportation. Since this trend is arising worldwide, Unior has also approached to it with creating solutions for workshops, enabling storage of tools, increasing work efficiency and safety of the workers in the workshop or outside, doing fieldwork. For this reason, two sets of insulated tools were assembled, one intended for stationary work in the workshop and the other for fieldwork. This will not make your work just easier, but also safer!