The new Unior demo vehicle is drawing attention in Slovenia and abroad

Increasing competition encourages us to adapt to trends, the pace of change in the market and the increasing demands of our customers. To this end, we have to be increasingly "present", mobile and in constant contact with our existing and potential customers.

The use of a demo vehicle seems to be one of most efficient manners to achieve this goal. The presentation of a new tool and the promotion of our products We first equipped and used the vehicle in 2012; we noticed that this manner proves to be highly successful and attractive.[J1] The demo vehicle enables us to successfully attract and inform both business partners and end customers, and to be available or "at hand", as we can visit them in the field; furthermore, this manner enables us to present ourselves to a general public and raise brand awareness wherever the vehicle goes.

Considering the fact that we started circulating throughout the world with our first vehicle of this type in 2012 and that we have traveled several thousand kilometers, it was necessary to buy a new vehicle. The project started in early 2019 and ended in April, when we got a new, attractive demo vehicle, in which we upgraded both functional and aesthetic or visual elements of the van.

The DEMO vehicle is therefore intended primarily for presentations and demonstrations at various fairs, open day promotions, store openings, anniversaries, educating salespeople in wholesale and retail stores and informing industrial customers. In combination with a team of technical and sales capability, presentations are a highly effective way of sales promotion, the results of which are directly and easily measurable.

The new demo vehicle completed its first journey and task in a new design at home i.e. in Maribor at the WC DH home race (Downhill World Cup) at the end of April 2019. This was followed by the motocross championship, where we introduced ourselves to the local public in Škedenj. Moreover, the vehicle was a great attraction and support at the Car and Maintenance Fair in Celje.

Afterwards, we started a DEMO Tour around Europe, where we promoted sales in Hungary, Croatia, Macedonia and Italy. We visited both existing and potential customers, carried out promotional and educational work in various sales centers and the industry.

Due to the attractiveness and overall sales performance achieved with our demo vehicle, we intend to continue our DEMO Tour in the coming months. At the end of August, we will introduce ourselves to a wider public at the Grobnik racecourse, where our Unior Racing Team will participate in the competition. In the near future, the road will lead us to Poland (September), Croatia (September) and Serbia (October). Therefore, by the end of the year, we still have to travel quite a few miles and implement a number of events of educational and promotional nature. This enables us to increase the visibility of the Unior brand in the hand tool segment, and consolidate the image of a modern, trend-respecting manufacturer, which is focused on good design and superior quality that is also reflected in the demo vehicle.

Written by: Tomislav Brkljačić, Biserka Kišič