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From here to an eternity of new possibilities

Motorbike enthusiasm is the driving force behind the development of the great technological achievements witnessed over the years. Greater speed, better durability, and new astounding accomplishments create new potential, increasing the need for special solutions that only a few of us understand and know about. That's why we are looking for new partners who will help us support our vision.

With great vision come great achievements

We are one of the top five European hand tool manufacturers. We have been developing hand tool solutions for more than 100 years, and now it's time to look for new opportunities in the area of motorcycles. Our long-lasting partnerships with famous motorbikers and motorbike teams have given us the knowledge to develop special solutions to fit any biker's needs. And that has led us to the development of a wide range of products that we would like to introduce to new markets and customers.

Incorporating our winning spirit and 100-year-old tradition, we provide solutions so that motorcycle enthusiasts can focus on the things that matter: driving without any limits or limitations.

From small products to big solutions

We offer premium hand tools made especially for the needs of motorcyclists. Our long-term experiences provide best-in-class quality, and our partnerships with famous motorcyclists and motorcycle teams give us perfect insights into the needs, requirements, and wishes of bikers. We have combined all of those aspects, creating a wide range of hand tools to suit any motorbiker and any motorcycle.

Benefits of cooperation

We are focused on collaboration. We invest in a partnership that will help all participants achieve common growth and development and help customers find solutions that will satisfy their wishes, requirements, and needs.

step1.png An established and recognisable brand

Unior Hand Tools is a global manufacturer with more than 100 years of tradition.

step2.png A wide range of market-oriented products

We offer the best price-performance motorcycle tools for all needs and requirements.

step3.png Fast and responsive professional support

We offer a customised education and training programme to all our partners.

step4.png Excellent marketing support

We will support you with all the materials you need to do business more efficiently.

step5.png Mutual cooperation and innovation

We will develop individual markets and solutions together with you.

We are evolving with the best of the best

We are expanding, promoting, and illuminating our markets with great partners, allowing us to achieve even greater results and accomplishments.

Get to know us and clear away all your doubts

Made with more than 100 years of experience

Unior is the leading innovator of high-quality hand tool solutions. In more than 100 years of existence, we have grown from a small workshop to being one of the top five European hand tool manufacturers. We offer more than 3,500 different products, which are separated into 16 different product categories. All our products are guaranteed to be of high quality and are authenticated with the most important safety, quality and environmental protection certificates and standards.

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Contact us and get closer to realising your full potential. We will gladly review your request, and after analysis we will get back to you with a full proposal for a magnificent collaboration. Together, we will create a successful story that will deliver the best solutions to a developing market, creating immense opportunities in the process.


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