• Pro Shop Clamp is Unior’s high-end offer for bike shops. It features advanced quick release system that enable quick and efficient work on any bicycle.
  • Quick release system enables the mechanic to press the jaws by hand, at which point clamp already grips the seat post of a frame with sufficient force to hold the bicycle in place. Rotate the handle and additional tension is applied to the jaws to ensure firm grip.
  • Clamp can grip tubes of any shape, with diameter of minimum Ø22mm to maximum Ø60mm.
  • Pro Shop Clamp has a quick release button, which is used to release the jaws after initial tension release with the rotating handle.
  • Height of the jaws is 70mm, so it works with smaller sizes of seat posts as well as with dropper posts.
  • The clamp is compatible with all of Unior’s repair stands.
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* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, weight in grams.

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