Demo set for PLUS shears in plastic box


Product features

  • Basic set in plastic box we can order under code 623753 and article 563PLUSDEMOPB. After that we order only refil under code 623752 and article re.563PLUSDEMOPB.
  • Basic set 623753 contents:
  • Universal tin snips
  • Lever tin snips "pelican" type
  • Tin snips "pelican" type
  • 10 pieces of sanded sheet dim. 330x165mm
  • With this set we can show cutting of sanded sheet metal with Unior tin snips PLUS line. Set includes three type of shears.
Product name SKU Article Dimensions Quantity weight
Demo set for PLUS shears in plastic box 623753 563PLUSDEMOPB - 4 5900
Universal tin snips 563R-PLUS/7DP 280 1
Tin snips "pelican" type 592R-PLUS/7DP 350 1
Refil for demo set for PLUS shears re.563PLUSDEMOPB 1
Plastic box for socket wrenches 981PB4 393x331x95 1
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