Compressor for shock absorber springs, light version


Product features

  • intended for the removal of car shock absorbers.
  • the maximum load for the tool is up to 11000N
  • UNIOR is already selling a suspension compressor for shock absorber springs (No. 2051), however, many smaller car repair shops do not need to use such a professional tool on a regular basis. This is where the light version comes in - it functions the same as the tool under art. No 2051, but has recommended load for the tool 2750 N. To prevent any bending and the springs falling out of the cups, this tool features a safeguard that enables the parts of the tool used for removing to always operate in parallel.
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Usage (pictures)

Usage (Video)

  • Extra durability

    Unior pullers, available with two or three adjustable arms, with a sliding hammer or pulling chuck, or in several other versions, are made of carbon tool steel. The special forging process guarantees their extra durability.
  • Easy to use

    Unior pulling systems enable safe and effective removal of bearings, bushings and sprockets. All pullers are easy to use, flexible and extremely long-wearing.