Product features

The Bike Gator! The new generation of Unior 1693A(1693AS) bike stand.
  • The bike repair stand is the basic working tool both for service workshops and cycling enthusiasts.
  • It is easy to assemble and the support tubes are fold together enabling easier transportation between work place.
  • Maximum load capacity is 30kg
  • Suitable for tubes with diameter of min. Ø24 mm and max. Ø40 mm.
  • Weight of the stand without tool tray is 5.7kg
  • Replaceable rubber jaw covers, item 1693.11


  • The stand features a new array of precision aluminum and steel parts which offer stiffness and durability.
  • NEW Jaw mount and rotation system.
  • improved sliding system
  • Stand is adjustable by height between 980 and 1500mm.
  • NEW stylish metal tool tray with interchangeable SOS foam insert.
CodeMinimum additional lenghtMaximum additional lenghtWidthThicknessMaximum heightweight-- prazen stolpec --
* Images of products are symbolic. All dimensions are in mm, and weight in grams. All listed dimensions may vary in tolerance.

Usage (pictures)

Adjust bike stand legs? To adjust the bike stand foldable legs, release lever (A) and push the slider (B) in the desired direction.

Adjust bike stand height? To adjust the bike stand height, release the lever (C) and adjust the top tube (D).

Adjust jaw angle and clamp bike safely? To adjust the bike stand jaw angle, release lever (F) and adjust/rotate (E).

Adjust opened jaw (G) to the seatpost or bike tube. Turn handle (H) until jaw firmly grabs the tube.

To adjust the jaw opening, turn the long screw (Z) with hand in needed direction as shown on picture.

Release bike safely from stand? To release, firmly hold bike frame. Flip handle (I) to quickly release tube from the jaw.

How to install the tool tray? Insert the two rails (J) into the two holes on the middle clamp (K) on the stand.

Prepare bike stand for transport? For storage/transport, fold bike stand like shown on picture.


Photo (pictures)

  • New advanced technology

    The use of new technological methods and top quality materials result in tools with a long life span, safety designs ensure repair jobs without damages, customized solutions, excellent effectiveness, modern materials and ergonomic design provide good looks and safe use.
  • Customized solutions for excellent results

    Our solutions offer adaptability to the bicycle parts of all producers. Our tradition, our own design, and constant technical development and modern technology keep us one step ahead.
  • Excellent durability

    Unior hand tools finish many jobs faster and make working in tight areas easier. They are adapted to work on the latest bicycle models.