Unior celebrates a venerable anniversary 100 years

We forge the future from the past.

We are dedicated to continued development based on a century of rich tradition and knowledge. We also remain focused on our mission, which is grounded in the values of excellence, entrepreneurship, innovation and responsibility. With that in mind, we are particularly proud of the fact that in the last one hundred years, we have grown from a simple smithy into one of Slovenia’s largest corporate groups. At the same time, we have been able to develop successfully in foreign markets, growing into a reputable international entity that works with some of the world’s most important companies. In the long term, it is development in harmony with nature, the environment, and societies beyond our borders that will ensure a better future for all of us. With this approach, we are expanding the role and strength of our brand, enabling us to operate successfully and distribute our products in over 100 countries. More than 95% of our products are exported, of which by far the largest share goes to Western Europe and the highly demanding automotive industry. In view of the rapid changes and competitive environment, we have to offer more and more added value, leading to pioneering development in a number of fields. We have a large market share in connecting rods and control mechanism parts for the automotive industry, making us one of the largest smithies in Europe, as well as one of the most important suppliers for the most eminent automobile brands around the world. Under our own brand, we make premium hand tools, used mainly by professional users worldwide. Distinguished by a wealth of knowledge and experience, we design and manufacture demanding special purpose machines for medium and large-scale machining of metals. Our vision marks us out as a visible, progressive international company in the metal processing industry. Implementing our own innovative process of working with our buyers, suppliers, similar companies and research organizations, we will develop, manufacture and market solutions with an ever-greater added value. We are and will continue to be the linking element in the dynamic UNIOR Group, which makes the most of its synergies to ensure a safe investment for its owners and a future for its employees. Constant innovation and improvements have left an important mark on our company’s 100 years of tradition. Today, Unior is distinguished by excellence in the processes of drop forging steel, cold forging, machining own forgings, sintering, and designing original solutions for the production of hand tools and special purpose machines. The advantages we offer our buyers include competitiveness, flexibility, a varied production program, keeping up with trends in the automotive industry, a visible brand with a long tradition, in-house development and our own sales network, quality repair services, and products with a long useful life. As we are closely linked to our environment and the tradition and experience of our ancestors, we are well aware that investing in the surroundings where we live and work is priceless. From its earliest beginnings, Unior has left an important mark on the development of Zreče, as the town infrastructure grew along with the company. Unior had a decisive influence on the development of tourism in Zreče, as well as of the town itself, contributing significantly to the quality of life in Zreče and the surrounding area. Not just the local economy, but education, culture, sport, and general social development are largely dependent on Unior. The company boasts a broad field of activity. Thanks to the know-how, hard work and ambition of all generations, we are proud to have created a number of jobs and made an important contribution to the visibility of the area, the number of people that visit it, and the considerable progress of the entire region. With that in mind, Unior places a lot of importance on the region where we work. We are helping a number of organizations and societies by raising awareness and providing moral and financial support. We also support current initiatives and a variety of one-off events with sponsorships and donations. Every year, we provide regular support for many cultural, sport and humanitarian projects. We are proud of our long scholarship tradition, which has eased the financial burden on a number of families in the region when it comes to their children’s education. At the Slovenske Konjice-Zreče School Centre, we have our own workshop for our future employees. We recognise that employees are the foundation for the reliable operation of any company and the only way to create a century of tradition shrouded in history. A century of tradition, reliable and highly-qualified employees, first-rate know-how, the most up-to-date technological solutions, products and services of the highest quality, corporate social responsibility, and a modern marketing approach – these are our main qualities. The rapid development of technology and information means that we will always be faced with new challenges. We are well-aware that only satisfied and motivated individuals with the best of competencies and an ability for teamwork can handle them. When it comes to realizing our vision, the support and development of our employees are invaluable. With that in mind, we place great emphasis on protecting and promoting health, ergonomics, flexible working hours, new HR practices, training, strengthening intergenerational relationships and improving dedication. We have inherited the stories of our hard-working and innovative ancestors, but today we are writing a new story – one that is not concerned with merely preserving the past, but focused on creating the future. Our achievements give us courage. We can do things that others cannot, because together we are stronger, more determined and more successful. The credit for this goes to the great spirit of belonging here at Unior – persistent and determined, yet flexible in the face of change. Unior d.d. Management Board Darko Hrastnik, Chairman of the Management Board Branko Bračko, Member of the Management Board Read more on www.unior100.com