2 for 1 Disc Brake Tool

1757/2DP New

Χαρακτηριστικά προϊόντος

  • υλικό: premium flex ανθρακούχος χάλυβας
  • επιχρωμιωμένο σύμφωνα με τα πρότυπα ΕΝ12540
  • Unique design of this tool combines two tools in one – standard disc brake pad spreader and rotor truing fork. The slot allows you to true the rotor back in place and save you thumbs from getting cut on the sharp edges of the rotor. The conically shaped tip of the tool is designed to slide between the pads inside the caliper and spread the pads, pushing pistons back in to the caliper. 2-for-1 Disc Brake Tool is the tool to have at hand in any home garage, when out riding or traveling.
  • Warning: Always make sure disc calipers and disc rotor have cooled down before you start working on them.

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pdf2 for 1 Disc Brake Tool - 1757/2DP

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