Personnel development

The company Unior feels responsible towards its employees and strives to provide them with good working conditions and various possibilities for education and training. It is of importance that all these inputs form part of the working process and that the employees are comfortable in their working environment. Unior is conscious of the fact that its employees are the heart of the company hence it is our goal to create such a working atmosphere and environment which will satisfy the needs for personal development, personal growth and fulfillment of one's talents.

A pleasant, creative and professional originality-boosting and promotion- as well as quality-of- life-enabling environment for all our personnel is encouraged. Our competition capability relies on competent employees, who have the knowledge and are prepared for everyday challenges as well as to deepen their knowledge, consequentially leading to greater effectiveness at work.

Unior does not acquire knowledge merely by hiring new colleagues, but mostly through its education and training system, devoting quite a large sum of money for this purpose, thus ensuring constant development of the already employed colleagues. Education in the fields of catering jobs and of jobs in the mechanical engineering is promoted through our special scholarship-giving policy. 

Many challenges still await Unior in the future. We wish to realize them through dynamic development and professional colleagues.