From Styria to the World  

On the outskirts of Pohorje, the first ironworks (fuzine) are established in the 18th century. Until the 19th century, four ironworks are active in this area, the one in Zrece among them. They are active as large foundries that manually manufacture tools for farming and other crafts.

In 1919,

Styria Iron Works Company Ltd. is established. The foundry with the short name Stajerska Zrece employs 250 workers before World War II. They manufacture forged hand tools for farming, forestry, and different crafts.

In 1950,

after being destroyed by fire and then partially rebuilt, the plant is renamed Factory of Forged Tools Zrece and comes under public ownership. Thorough reconstruction of the factory, predominantly dedicated to hand tool manufacture, is connected with the introduction of new technologies of American-style drop forging.

New capacities (a tool shop and plant for mechanically processed hand tools) give impetus to the development of two production segments: hand implements and tools, and drop-forged parts.

The buyers of hand tools from Zrece are mainly machine shops and other workshops, craftsmen, and households, as well as industry.

Drop-forged parts intended for industrial needs are especially used in the production of cars, tractors, motorcycles, internal combustion engines, etc.

In the 1970s,

the factory with a new vision also gets a new name: Unior, Factory of Forged Tools Zrece. The new name is a newly coined word formation of universal tools for which the factory is already well known. New visions are connected with already established co-operative ventures with European, especially West German, companies.
Following their example, Unior introduces new production solutions that enhance capacity and productivity, reduce costs, streamline production, and assure higher product quality.

In the middle of 1970's, Unior begins building the Rogla mountain resort and Olympic centre in Pohorje, and a few years later also the health resort Terme Zrece in Zrece itself. Later, they increase the number of ski-lifts, hotels and other residences, and sport infrastructure, making Rogla one of the largest sports and recreational tourist centres in Slovenia, while Terme Zrece with its new capacity becomes one of the most popular destinations in Slovenia, which has highly developed spa tourism.

During the 1980s,

Unior starts and later fully strengthens its position as an important European automotive industry partner, developing into one of the major European manufacturers of light forgings and one of the largest European manufacturers of connecting rods for gasoline engines, which puts it among the major suppliers for companies like VW, BMW, and others.

The first steps in this field are made with a Renault Group contract, which later develops into today's joint-venture plant for the manufacture of forgings, erected at Zrece, with the parallel development of velocity joints and machine building, at first intended particularly for Unior's own needs.

In the 1990s,

Unior increases its export of hand tools by establishing a world-wide distribution network, where Unior's own distribution companies for marketing and sales in Austria, Germany, Great Britain, France, Italy, Spain, Greece, Macedonia, and Singapore become especially important.

In 1997,

Unior, the successful Slovenian company with consolidated international partnerships, transforms into the Unior Joint-Stock Company. From the very beginnings of the new corporation, its production and business are managed in compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001 Quality Standard.

In the New Millennium

Unior d.d. successfully continues its investment policy in all areas of the company. The acquisition of a 60% share in the ironworks Store Steel d.o.o. represents for the Forged Parts and Hand Tools programs an increase in the reliability of product supply, due to a drop in the risk of steel supply.

The establishment of the company Unior Werkzeugsmachinen GmbH in Germany improves access to the products and services of the Machine Tools program by more demanding customers and thus creates opportunities for the development of this program. By the acquisition and take-over of the operations of the companies MPP Tehnoloska oprema and MPP Inzeniring, which were once an integral part of the concern TAM Maribor, the company Unior upgrades its Machine Tools program operations with the development and production of sheet-metal tools for the automotive industry.

With the acquisition of the company RTC Krvavec, the company consolidates the position of the Tourism program in Slovenia and Europe. The company is also taking an active role in the design of tourist opportunities in co-operation with the company MRC d.o.o. in preparation for reviving the Rimske Toplice health resort.

In 2004, the company Unior d.d. establishes the company Unior Bionic d.o.o for the production and marketing of medical equipment. The well-developed network for hand tools sales is expanded and strengthened by the establishment of new companies in Australia, Russia, and the United States.


Year 1996

  - On 16 December UNIOR received the second consent issued by  the Agency of Republic of Slovenia for Privatisation and Restructuring and became a joint stock company in accordance with the Companies`Ownership Transformation Act.   

Year 1997

   - On 15 April the Company UNIOR Kovaška industrija Zreče was entered into the Court Register as a joint stock company. - In the autumn, a reconstruct of roof and construction of jutting  roof were completed in the Kovačnica (forge plant). - On 12 December, the first assembly of Company UNIOR d.d. was held, and the Supervisory Board appointed a four-member Management Board: Janez Špes, the President of the Management Board, Gorazd Korošec, the Vice-President of the Management Board and Viljem Brvar and Robert Ribič as Members. - In December a renovation of the Planja Hotel and the ski-service shop on Rogla were completed.   

Year 1998  

- On 1 July, the company UNIOR Hellas in Greece was established. - In November, a new four-seat chairlift Jurgovo was put into service. - In the field of environmental management, we decreased the noise pollution impacts on the environment from the Kovačnica (forge plant).    

Year 1999  

- On 5 May, the company UNIOR Italia was established. - In July, UNIOR acquired a 20% share in the company INEXA Štore d.o.o. - In July, a construction of the Terme 2000 in Zreče was completed.  - A system of quality control according to the requirements of ISO 9001; 1994 was introduced in the company UNIOR d.d. - A new treatmet plant for wastewaters from Galvana technology was constructed.   

Year 2000  

- A new production hall was constructed and new equipment purchased for the Sinter plant. - On 10 November, UNIOR d.d. became a 65% owner of the company LUMAR-HIŠE d.o.o. Gomilsko which was renamed into BIVA-HIŠE d.o.o. in 2004. - A system of automotive industry quality control according to the requirements of QS 9000 was introduced in the Kovačnica plant.

Year 2001

   - On 7 April, a fire broke out in Terme Zreče. - On 12 April, a company MPP Inženiring d.o.o. Maribor was acquired. - on 25 April, we concluded a contact on the acquisition of the company MMP Tehlološka oprema d.o.o Maribor. - On 4 July, a contract on the acquisition of the company UNIOR Espana, Spain, was concluded. - On 17 October, a company UNIOR Deutschland was established in Germany. - After a devastating fire, a reconstruction of Terme Zreče was completed in December.

Year 2002  

- A system of quality control according to the requirements of ISO 9001; 2000 was introduced in the Company UNIOR d.d. - A construction of moutain hut on Jurgovo was completed in October. - On 4 December, a company UNIOR Werkzeugmaschinen was established in Germany. - An installation of the new forging line Lasco was completed in autumn. - On 12 December, a term of office terminated for the Management, The Supervisory Board thus appointed a new Management: Gorazd Korošec, the President of the Management Board, Robert Ribič, the Vice-President of the Management Board, and Marjan Korošec and Darko Hrastnik as Members. The Management was appointed for five-year term of office on the 13 December 2002. 
Year 2003  
- On 20 January we sold a 48.9% share in the company Orbis-Werk GmbH to the firm Knipex-Werk in Germany. - A swimming pool complex and wellness Centre in the Planja Hotel on Rogla were put into service. - A Komage press system and Ficep shears for cutting were put into service. - A renovation of the end-products warehouse was concluded. - A new automated welding cell was purchased for the Lenart plant. - On 6 May, we sold 35.5% share in the company Rydcon d.o.o. to the firm Hansa-flex Armerding GmbH Bremen. - A system of automotive industry quality control according to the requirements of VDA 6.1 and QS 9000 were introduced in Forging Programme. - A system according to the requirements of HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point) was introduced. - In July, we aquired a share owned by the Swedish partner in company Inexa Štore and renamed into Štore Steel d.o.o. - In November, we took over the management in Cankarjevi ribniki (Cankar`s Ponds) in Stranice.  - In December the construction of a four-seat chair lift Planja was completed. 

Year 2004  

- Mr Darko Hrastnik term as a member of the management board ends on 1 January, from which point on the board has three members.  - Unior d.d. acquires RTC Krvavec d.d. on 9 June. - The refitting of the Bridnje and Jelka plants is completed. - A high-pressure hydraulic hammer is purchased for the Forgings division. - The reconstruction of the main production hall is completed. - A magnetic resonance machine is purchased. - The construction of the treatment plant for waste graphite from the forging machinery is completed. - A quality management system in line with ISO 9001; 2000 requirements is introduced for the Machine Tools division in Maribor. - An evironmental management system in line with ISO 14001; 1996 requirements is introduced for the whole company. - Unior d.d. joins MRC on 2 September with the aim of reviving Rimske Toplice. - A summer/winter sledge run is built at Rogla in October. - The moutain cabin on Pesek is placed under company`s management on 1 November. - The construction of the treatment plant at Rogla and Jurgovo is completed in December. - Unior Bionic d.o.o. is established on 7 December to produce and market medical devices. - Unidal d.o.o. is established in Vinkovci in Croatia on 31 December, with Unior d.d. holding an interest of 49.5% in the forgings producer and Dalekovoda 50.5%.

Year 2005  

- A contract is signed with DaimlerChrysler on 11 February to establish Starkom d.o.o. in Maribor, a joint venture to produce car parts that is registered in June. - Unior Aqua d.o.o. is established on 25 February in Pristina in Kosovo, Unior holding 60% of this mineral water and soft drinks producer. - A new hydraulic hammer is purchased at the forging plant. - Unior USA Corporation is established on 1 April to sell tools on the American market; the Illionis-based company is owned 100% by Unior. - The refitting of the galvanisation line is completed at the main production hall. - Unior Professional Tools is established in May; based in St Petersburg in Russia, The company is owned 55% by Unior and sells tools under the Unior brand. - Unior acquires 25.99% of Zlati grič d.o.o. in May. - The renovation of the nursing ward at Terme Zreče is completed. - Unior Australia Tools Company Co PTY Ltd is established in Melbourne on 19 July 51% owned by Unior, it sells hand tools. - Unior d.d. buys a 79.56 stake in ZASTAVA Alati d.o.o. of Kragujevac in Serbia-Montenegro on 1 September and Unior Components d.o.o. is established. - The new Status processing center at the Maribor plant comes on-line. - The prime minister and economics minister visit Unior d.d. on 7 September, meeting senior managers and viewing the production facilities. - Ningbo Unior Forgings Co.Ltd is established on 28 October in Yuyao in China; Unior owns 50% of the company, which has four forging lines at its plant.

Year 2006  

- In April, UNIOR TEPID S.R.L. was established in Romania. - A water bottling plant was built in Stranice - In October, Croatian President Mesič visited UNIOR`s showroom in Split. - The FPZ-250 flexible cell was chosen as one of the 50 best innovations at the presentation of entrepreneurial innovations and inventions in the scope of the Hevreka 06 forum. - In November, the UNIOR AQUA water bottling plant in Kosovo was opened. - In December construction of a six-seat ski lift was completed on Krvavec and put into use on 15 December.  

Year 2009

Due to the decrease in purchase orders and the deepening economic crisis, the company introduced a 36-hour working week in January, a 32-hour working week in March, and in July the company joined in the government’s measure of temporary lay-offs.
•The Supervisory Board nominated Mr Darko Hrastnik for the position of board member for the mandate period from 1 June 2009 to 31 May 2014.
•The sale of the Kosovo-based subsidiary UNIOR Aqua d.o.o.
•On 22 July 2009, the General Meeting adopted a resolution on a capital injection into the company.
•The General Meeting elected a new six-member Supervisory Board with a four-year mandate period from 13 December 2009 to 12 December 2013.
•UNIOR was successful in the public tender Neposredne spodbude za skupne razvojno investicijske projekte RIP 09 (Direct incentives for joint development and investment projects RIP 09). In the FOKKS project (Fleksibilna Obdelava Komponent Krmilnega Sistema – Flexible Processing of Control System Components), the issuer combined the interests and knowledge with Hidria Rotomatika d.o.o. The project was approved and scored very high marks in the assessment. The project is to receive around €2.6m in co-financing, of which Unior will receive around €1.2m and Hidria Rotomatika around €1.4m.
•In August, Unior Turizem obtained funding for additional tourist promotion via a tender published by the Ministry of the Economy of the Republic of Slovenia. With these funds, within the framework of the integration of tourist service providers at the Rogla-Pohorje destination, the issuer will carry out promotion on the Slovenian market, on the markets of neighbouring countries (Croatia, Hungary) and in several new destinations (Greece) at a level that will ensure a more pleasant, active and overall better spending of free time to guests and visitors. At the same time, the issuer will present Slovenia to guests from distant destinations as a unified destination that provides variety and diversity in a relatively small geographical area.
•In October, the issuer was awarded an environmental permit – Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control. The permit was awarded on the basis of the Integrated Pollution Prevention and Control (IPPC) Directive (96/91/EC) and the Decree on activities and installations causing large-scale environmental pollution.
•In November, UNIOR sold its interest in Weba Maribor d.o.o.
•UNIOR was successful in the public tender Dozidava hotela v Zrečah (Extension of the Hotel in Zreče). The project will receive co-financing in the amount of €2,536,750.

Year 2010

• Successful implementation of the recapitalization, in which the whole emission of
500,000 shares was sold, in total worth of 10 million euros.

• Gregor Golobič, the Minister for Higher education, science and technology, visited
the UNIOR d. d. Company on 16.4.2010. He learnt about the company which has
successfully operated for nine decades, and about future development projects and
plans. The Minister visited the production of Forge and Sinter programmes.

• Danilo Türk, the president of the republic, paid a visit to the UNIOR public limited
company on 21.4.2010. The business itself, the business plan and measures with
which UNIOR mitigated the economic situation and enabled an effective response
to the business conditions in the past were presented.

• On 22.4.2010, the Suppliers Day was held at the Dobrava hotel - the fourth in a
row. Of 110 invited suppliers, more than 90 attended.
• We have merged the companies UNIOR Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH and UNIOR
Deutschland GmbH in Germany due to rationalization of business and reducing

• We recapitalized the subsidiary companies Štore Steel d.o.o., Sinter a.d. Užice,
UNIOR Components a.d., Unidal d.o.o. and Rimske Terme d.o.o.

• We sold our share in the company Zlati grič d.o.o. to the Kompas Kapital company.

• In August we have begun a construction of an extension to the hotel in Zreče. The
construction will be completed by the autumn of 2011. The state's share of cofinancing
is 25%.

• In early July, a conference for distributors was held on the Hand tools programme.

• In early September, the Tourism programme successfully organized the first
international competition in volleyball on sand in Zreče.

• The ceremony of putting the foundation stone on the start-finish area of the crosscountry
polygon on Rogla was held on 25th of September.

• In October, in the Zreče blacksmith's plant, a new forging line was launched,
which is intended for extending the capacity of forging connecting rods for the
automotive industry.

• On 10.10.2010, a ceremony was held on Rogla for the blessing of the new church.

• On 18.10.2010, the award ceremony was held, called »The best innovator of

Year 2011

• In April, we successfully tendered our bid in the public tender for co-financing operations aimed at increasing the efficiency of electricity consumption in the economy in the 2011–2013 period, the UREE1. By replacing internal lighting fixtures, we will realise savings of 855.8 MWh/per annum and consume 68 per cent less electricity. The replacement of external lighting will also enable us to realise electricity consumption savings of 80% or 192.07 MWh/per annum. The amount of the eligible costs of the project is nearly EUR 215,000,while the amount of co-financing is slightly less than EUR 65,000.

• On 13 April 20121, an extraordinary General Meeting of Shareholders of Unior d.d. was
held and Rok Vodnik, MSc was appointed a new member of the Supervisory Board whose term of office shall be until 12 December 2013. He replaced the current Supervisory Board member, Mr Blaž Brodnjak, who tendered his resignation.

• On 14 April 2011, we sold a 25% stake in UNIOR Formingtools d.o.o. in Serbia, which was acquired by the current member of the UNIOR Components a.d. Serbia-based company. The new ownership stake of UNIOR d.d. is 49%.

• On 18 April 2011, we sold a 25.1% stake in Štore Steel d.o.o. The stake was acquired by the existing company members. This brought the stake of UNIOR d.d. to 29.253%.

• On 20 April 2011, the RC SIMIT d.o.o. development centre was registered. We hold a 20% stake in the company. The development centre represents cooperation between several Slovenian companies, namely: Talum, Cimos, UNIOR, Iskra ISD, LTH Ulitki, SwatyComet, Amit, Ortotip, Roboteh, TC Livarstvo, HTS IC, Tecos, Zavod za livarstvo, Telkom-OT, Inštitut za kovinske materiale and the Jožef Stefan Institute.

• On 22 April 2011, we acquired a 100% stake in the Rogla Investicije d.o.o. company that owns land on Rogla.

• On 3 May 2011, we received a decoration in Innsbruck within the Interalpin international
skiing and ski lift equipment fair, namely in the categories for the best offer for children
and the arrangement of ski runs, as well as a decoration for the quality of the wellness
offer. We are especially proud of the decoration in the Fun & Action category, where the
Rogla Fun Park received the golden award for imaginative design and construction, quality maintenance and well-received and attended events.

• On 4 May 2011, the Petrol and UNIOR companies handed over the completed new unit
for the co-generation of heat and electricity at Zreče. The companies are thus continuing their long-standing and productive cooperation in the field of energy supply to the Zreče Municipality and simultaneously their care for the environment.

• We have obtained the AEO certificate and thereby the status of an authorised economic
entity. The AEO certificate was presented to the President of the Management Board, Mr
Gorazd Korošec, on 16 June 2011 by the Deputy Director of the Celje Customs Office, Mr
Boris Kastelic.

• On 1 July 2011, we established the UNIOR Savjetovanje i trgovina d.o.o. company in Sarajevo. Our ownership stake in the company is 80%. The company will pursue the business of consulting, production, bidding in tenders, project management and cooperation in joint projects that we will implement in various fields in the energy generation industry in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

• On 20 July 2011, the 15th regular session of the General Meeting was held, at which the shareholders:
• considered the information regarding the Annual Report, the auditor’s opinion
and the written report of the Supervisory Board regarding the Annual Report,
• decided on the accumulated loss and granting a discharge to the Management
and Supervisory Boards,
• amended and supplemented the wording of the Company’s Articles of Association,
• appointed an auditing company for 2011.

• On 18 August 2011, the shares of UNIOR d.d. began trading on the standard market of the Ljubljana Stock Exchange. This was the realisation of the decision from the 14th regular session of the Company’s General Meeting, which adopted the decision on 21 July 2010 for the shares of UNIOR d.d. to be floated on the organised securities market of the Ljubljana Stock exchange. On 13 July 2011, the Company obtained a decision from the Securities Market Agency with ref. No. 40200-10/2011-6. The Prospectus was published on 16 August 2011 and the shares were listed on the Ljubljana Stock Exchange as of 18 August 2011. The first trading day was 22 August 2011.

• On 7 September, the Manager magazine published the rankings of the biggest and most active scholarship providers where UNIOR d.d. was named the “Second Largest Scholarship Provider in the Country” in terms of the nominal amounts of scholarships as well as the second place in terms of the share of scholarships within total labour costs. By providing scholarships, the Company is primarily striving to secure students and pupils from professions with a shortage of practitioners, such as professionals in the hospitality industry, mechanical engineering and physiotherapy.

• On 17 October 2011, the opening of the UNIOR Savjetovanje in trgovina BH d.o.o. subsidiary was held in Sarajevo. UNIOR d.d. holds an 80% stake in the company that will pursue the activities of consulting, production, bidding in public tenders, project management and cooperation in joint projects in the energy generation, mining and other industries.

• On 17 and 18 December 2011, Rogla hosted a World Cup competition in ski running for women and men – the Rogla Open 2011. This was the second World Cup competition organised by UNIOR d.d., which placed Rogla on the World Cup race calendar so that it will host races every two years.

• On 23 December 2011, UNIOR d.d. acquired a 25% stake in BS Tehna d.o.o. in Sarajevo with the aim of selling hand tools in Bosnia and Herzegovina through that company. The company was renamed UNIOR Tehna d.o.o.

• The new Atrij hotel in Zreče was commissioned for use in December. We thus gained an additional 100 beds in the superior category (****), which will enable us to satisfy even the most demanding guests. The project also brought us a new restaurant and the Idila Wellness & Spa Centre.

Year 2012

Acquisition of Energometall Kft. in Hungary

• On 1 January 2012 the Company acquired a 70% interest in Energometall Kft., a Hungarian company selling hand tools, by capital increase. The new company in the Unior Group is named Unior Hungaria Kft.

The opening of the Atrij Hotel in Zreče

• On 2 March 2012, a ceremony was held upon the opening of the new Atrij Hotel in Zreče. The premises of the new Idila Wellness & Spa Centre were also opened. The Minister of Economic Development and Technology, Radovan Žerjav, MSc, was presented at the opening. The new premises bring an additional 100 beds, 173 seats at the restaurant, new congress facilities and 440 square metres of wellness premises.

Disposal of a stake in Starkom d.o.o.

• On 20 March 2012, Unior signed a contract with the German partner Daimler AG on the
sale of a 49% equity stake in Starkom d.o.o. as well as a long-term lease contract for the
premises in Maribor, needed by Starkom d.o.o., which is not 100% owned by Daimler AG.

Raising a loan from SID banka d.d.

• On 25 April 2012, the Management Board of Unior d.d. and the Management Board of SID banka d.d. entered into an agreement on the approval of a 10-year loan totalling EUR 16.8 million for financing development projects. According to the schedule of development activities, Unior d.d. will be able to gradually draw the loan until April 2014, i.e. EUR 10.3 million in 2012, EUR 4.5 million in 2013 and EUR 2 million in 2014.

General Meeting of Shareholders of Unior d.d.

• On 11 July 2012, the 16th regular General Meeting was held, at which the shareholders considered the information regarding the Annual Report, the auditor's opinion and the written report of the Supervisory Board regarding the Annual Report, decided on the accumulated loss and granting a discharge to the Management and Supervisory Boards, discussed the rules on determining the rights of Management Board members arising from the employment relationship, was informed about the resignation of the Supervisory Board member Dr. Karl Kuzman, appointed a substitute member of the Supervisory Board, appointed an auditing company for 2012 and amended and supplemented the wording of the Company's Articles of Association.

New member of the Supervisory Board

• A new member of the Supervisory Board, i.e. Franc Dover, MSc, was appointed at the General Meeting of Shareholders for a term of office from 11 July 2012 until 12 December 2013. He replaced Dr. Karl Kuzman, who resigned on 19 December 2011 with a request for discharge at the first General Meeting of Shareholders in 2012. Franc Dover, MSc, was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Supervisory Board at the meeting of the Supervisory Board held on 17 August 2012.

Change of the Company's Management Board

• On 17 August 2012, the Supervisory Board of the Company signed an agreement with the President of the Management Board, Gorazd Korošec, stipulating that his term of office would be terminated early on the day of signature. He was discharged early by the Supervisory Board based on this agreement. Until a new president is appointed, the Management Board shall have a single member and is represented by Darko Hrastnik.

The selection of a financial consultant.

• The management of Unior has adopted measures to adapt to the changed market environment and selected the company PricewaterhouseCoopers as the financial consultant, which has been helping us prepare and implement all the financial and substantive measures to ensure a positive effect on the Company's operations, its viability and short- and long-term development. The ultimate goal of our activities is a sustainable capital structure, optimal corporate organisation and improved business performance with an emphasis on profitability and cash flow.

New Management Board of the Company

• At its meeting on 14 November 2012, the Supervisory Board appointed Darko Hrastnik as President of the Management Board of Unior d.d. for a term of office from 15 November 2012 until 31 May 2014, and Branko Bračko was appointed member of the Management Board of Unior d.d. for a term of office from 15 November 2012 until 14 November 2017.

Year 2013

Merger of Programs Forged Parts and Sinter

On 1 January 2013, the programs Forged Parts and Sinter were merged in accordance with the restructuring guidelines due to business rationalisation.

Replacing the management of the Tourism Program

On 11 February 2013, Mrs. Simona Mele took over the management of the Tourism Program. Mrs. Mele succeeded Mr. Damjan Pintar.

Disposal of a stake in the company Solin Ltd.

On 28 May 2013, a contract regarding selling the 20% equity stake in the associated company Solin Ltd. in Russia was signed.

Disposal of a stake in the company Roboteh d.o.o.

On 30 May 2013, a contract regarding selling the 24,97% equity stake in the associated company Roboteh d.o.o. was signed.

Closing the company UNIOR Australia Tool

On 19 June 2013, the subsidiary UNIOR Australia Tool was closed due to an insufficient business.

General Meeting of Shareholders of Unior d.d.

On 17 July 2013, the 17th regular General Meeting was held, at which the shareholders considered:
• the information regarding the Annual Report, the auditor's opinion and the written report of the Supervisory Board regarding the Annual Report,
• decided on the accumulated loss and granting a discharge to the Management and Supervisory Boards,
• appointed new members of Supervisiory Board,
• changed the Rules of Procedure of General Meetings.

Signed the General Contract for Financial Restructuring

On 22 July 2013, the Company signed the General contract for financial restructuring with all banks conducting business with. The General Contract provides a stable cash flow, conditions to achieve set goals and a long-term financial stability of the company.

Extraordinary General Meeting of UNIOR d.d.

On 21 August 2013, the second Extraordinary General Meeting was held, the shareholders
• appointed an auditing company for 2013.

Replacing the management of the Tourism Program

On 1 September 2013, Mrs. Barbara Soršak took over the management of the Tourism Program. Mrs. Soršak succeeded Mrs. Simona Mele.

Disposal of a stake in the company Unior Bionic d.o.o.

On 21 October 2013, a contract regarding selling the 91,592% equity stake in the company Unior Bionic d.o.o. was signed. The equity shares will go to the new buyer on 1 January 2014.

New Supervisory Board of the Company

On 13 December 2013, new Supervisory Board was formed for a four-year term. Mr. Branko Pavlin was appointed President of the Supervisory Board, Mr. Franc Dover was appointed Deputy President of the Supervisory Board, and Mr. Marko Pahor, Mr. Drago Rabzelj, Mr. Marjan Adamič and Mr Darko Dujmović were appointed members of the Supervisory Board.

Change of the significant interest of company ownership

On 16 December 2013, the company was notified regarding change of the significant interest of the company’s ownership. On 11 December 2013, the company Štore Steel d.o.o. obtained 245.689 shares of UKIG and thus owning 346.182 shares of UKIG, representing 12,1963% of all UKIG shares. Transfer of shares to the new owner will be postponed after the purchase price is paid, but no later than at the end of May 2014.

Year 2014

Grand opening of Hotel Natura on Rogla

New hotel, category 4*. We obtained 16 new rooms, 30 extra beds, 120 extra seats in restaurant, rich wellness offer, seminar room, special areas for cross-country skiers (showers, changing rooms, rental and service of equipment).

We celebrated the 95-anniversary of company Unior d.d.