For the position of President of the board was appointed Mr. Darko Hrastnik on 31.1.2014 for a mandate from 1. 6. 2014 until 31. 5. 2019.

As a member of the board Mr. Branko Bračko was appointed for a mandate from 15. 11. 2017 until 14. 11. 2022.

Company Unior d.d. is leaded by two members board with President of the board at the forefront and 12 managers:


    • Darko Hrastnik, President of the board
    • Branko Bračko,  Member of the board 
    • Danilo Lorger, Director of Hand Tools Programme 
    • Robert Ribič, Director of Forge Programme
    • Andrej Purgaj,  Director of Special Machine Programme
    • Barbara Soršak, Director of Tourism Programme
    • Uroš Stropnik, Director of General Affairs
    • Bogdan Polanec, Director of the Financial Sector
    • Zlatko Zobovič, Director of Controlling
    • Boštjan Slapnik, Purchasing Director
    • Andrej Kokol, Director of Strategic development, Mass innovation and Entrepreneurship
    • Dani Kukovič, Director of Energy Sector
    • Ivan Bašič, Director of Maintenance Sector
    • Rok Planinšec, Director of Inf. Technology and Systems
    • Patricija Sedmak, Head of  internal audit service 

Supervisory Board

On December 13, 2013 the new Supervisory Board have taken over duties for  four years period.

Shareholders' representatives

  • MSc. Branko Pavlin, President
  • MSc. Franc Dover, Vice-President
  • Prof. doc. Marko Pahor, Member
  • Drago Rabzelj, Member

Employees' representatives

  • MSc. Marjan Adamič, Member
  • Darko Dujmovič, Member

Supervisory Board has established two committee, an audit committee and a personnel committee.

The members of audit committee are:

Drago Rabzelj (president)

Marko Pahor (deputy)

Marjan Adamič

Gregor Korošec (external member)

The members of personnel committee are:

Franc Dover (president)

Branko Pavlin (deputy)

Darko Dujmovič